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8 Ways to Get Paid More as a PR Professional

8 Ways To Get Paid More As A PR Professional

One of the most important decisions that you’ll make in your life is choosing your career path. And if you’ve decided to be a public relations officer, you are probably wondering how you’ll promote yourself. Public relations career involves two key aspects namely promoting the brand and protecting it. The promotional side involves experts helping businesses and individuals in the creation of a good reputation with the society through a wide range of earned and unpaid forms of communication such as social media, blogs, and traditional forms of media. 

On the other hand, the protective side involves helping organizations and clients defend or maintain their reputations during a crisis. PR has played an integral role in the marketing of all industries. Today, there’s no successful organization or individual that doesn’t have a PR department If you’ve been looking to promote yourself as a PR professional, now is the ideal time. 

There are a lot of opportunities in this sector that are ever-growing. However, you are not the only person who wants to grow and develop in this field. How can you beat the competition and achieve your goals? Here are a few effective steps that you need to take.


Update your LinkedIn profile

To succeed as a PR professional, you need to have the right connections with the right people who’ll help in passing the message about your product or service to their social circles. And the best way to find these people is through social media platforms. LinkedIn is a great platform that will help you connect with colleagues, learn more about different job openings, and enhance the growth of your network. 

It’s also one of the best recruiting tools for enterprises that are focused on tracking talent. If you’ve been looking for a job, LinkedIn should be your top priority. To attract your ideal employer, you need to clean up and update your LinkedIn profile. You need to include your skills description and experience. You also need to create content on the PR specialty that you are interested in and share it with your prospective employers to secure a job.


Have a Twitter list

Organizations are quickly turning to communities on Twitter to post useful information about a wide range of jobs. If you enjoy using Twitter, this is one of the best ways to get ahead. If you don’t log in to your account every day, you should consider building a Twitter list around the organizations and people who can help you secure a job. Go through your list once or twice a week and you’ll get lots of tweets to scroll through.


Strategic thinking is key

Instead of thinking tactically, you need to focus on strategy. You must start looking for opportunities that are focused on growth and strategic planning in your current role. This takes various forms including creating strategies to be used in the future, finding new coverage opportunities, and coming up with new practices. Once you’ve crafted your strategy, you need to own the success of your project. Putting yourself in the position of a project manager allows you to develop the skills require to succeed at different levels.


Develop your management skills

You must learn how to control, mentor and lead others to progress in your career. Monitoring others effectively will help you work with them well. And this will boost your management skills. You can volunteer to act as a leader or mentor to improve your management skills. This will enable you to exchange knowledge with other mentors and provide opportunities for your team’s growth.


Conduct extensive research

How you communicate in the PR sector determines how you perform. People who do their homework tend to communicate effectively. Before pitching to journalists or bloggers, you need to understand what they are covering. Reading and researching extensively will pay off in spades in the long run. You need to listen to their previous stories and the type of articles that they produce. Read your pitch as you fine-tune it to keep your audience interested in what you have to say.


Improve your writing skills

The lines between earned and paid media are slowly fading off. And that’s why every PR professional needs to improve their writing skills. Professionals who improve their writing skills also develop their communication skills. You can develop your writing skills through:

  • Attending a writing seminar: You need to look for workshops and seminars that are focused on writing and storytelling. If your organization is large, you can consider starting with an internal seminar on writing to help your team members develop this valuable skill.
  • Read content: Reading content created by the industry that you prefer will help you understand different formats, styles and master the tone.
  • Write every day: You need to look for writing projects that you can take at the workplace. As you do this, share your work with your superiors to get feedback. Like any other skill, writing requires practice and consistency.


Price by your value

The most important thing to keep in mind as a PR professional is that clients buy results. Therefore, you should avoid selling your time as much as possible. If you are experienced at what you do, you will take lesser time to complete a project than a newbie. You must uncover what the job entails before you look at the amount of money that the client is ready to pay. Developing this skill takes confidence and patience. However, it’s worth it in the long run.


Keep learning

Sign up for conferences and get your MBA. Also, ensure that you get the required certifications for the skills that you possess such as email marketing and content marketing to name a few. Learning continuously promotes growth. And growth is the one thing every potential client or employer is looking for. Learning will greatly boost your earning potential.




As a young and proactive PR professional, now is the time to take action to get paid more. Don’t focus on the money. Instead, focus on your growth and personal development. And don’t be afraid to seek help.

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Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson a professional freelance content writer at college paper writing service and also an active member of several writing clubs in New York. He has written several songs since he was a child. He gets inspiration from the live concerts he does in front of close friends and family members.

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