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8 Benefits Of Incorporating Social Media Into Your Public Relations Strategy

8 Benefits Of Incorporating Social Media Into Your PR Strategy

Public relations management is a rather dynamic field that keeps evolving with time. While many trends have come and gone, none have been as impactful as social media. Social media has completely changed the landscape of public relations management. Social media has changed how we communicate and interact with other people and has proved to be a fantastic tool for public relations management. 

In this blog, we discuss how incorporating social media into your public relations strategy could be beneficial. 

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Social Media Has Become An Integral Part Of PR

Social media has fundamentally changed the way we interact with the world and each other. In the digital age that we live in, feedback and engagement are the most important parameters in determining how successful a brand is. 

Before social media, there was no forum where brands could directly interact with their audience and see their reactions in real-time. There is no doubt about the drastic impact that social media has had on public relations

The purpose of public relations management is to maximize the positive coverage of a brand as much as possible and social media makes that possible. Social media has essentially broadened the term ‘media’ to include influencers, podcasters, and other content creators who can help you promote your product.

Let’s delve a little deeper into how social media affects public relations management. 


How Social Media Has Changed PR

There’s no denying that social media has made its mark on industries far and wide. Here’s how it changed public relations

Increased Focus On Customers

Social media has effectively brought brands closer to their customers. Brands have begun to focus more on the customer and you have social media to thank for it. A customer with a bad experience could tarnish the image and reputation of a brand by being vocal about it on social media for the world to see. Brands realize how social media has changed the way their customers express feedback and have prioritized customer experience as a result. 


There was a time when public relation management was something that only large businesses had access to, but social media has democratized that and made it accessible to even smaller businesses. Public relations is no longer just tools that are exclusively accessible to firms with large brand management budgets. 

Increased Engagement

Before the advent of social media, companies used to put out promotional content but could never have their audience interact with them. Social media has put power in the hands of the customer, letting them interact with promotional content, and this gives brands key insights into the success of their marketing campaigns as well as feedback in real-time. 

24/7 Live News Stream

Social media is a double-edged sword when it comes to handling crises. Being a live news stream that is active at any time allows brands to roll out good news whenever they want to. The flip side is that bad news spreads faster than ever and can be a public relations disaster if not managed well enough.                     


8 Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your PR Strategy

There’s no dearth in ways you can incorporate social media into your public relations strategy. Here are some ideas on how it can be done:

Influencer Marketing

Influencers provide one of the best opportunities to market your product or service to the masses. Influencers share a close association with their followers, making any promotional content delivered through them that much more personal and effective. People are much more likely to buy from a brand featured by an influencer they follow. Finding influencers within your niche can help you narrow your marketing down to your target audience. 

Ambassador Programs

Having a brand ambassador program can help a brand be connected with its audience. Brands vet people to find those that fit the energy that the brand wants to project and contract with them to promote their brand at events the brand can’t be a part of in exchange for free products, benefits, or even cash. Brand ambassadors can connect with the people on a personal level.

Press Release Strategy

You can use social media to make your press release strategy more robust and effective. Making social-media friendly press releases involves using catchy language and allowing people to share the post using share buttons. You can include a social media post to give the press release even more traction. 

Build Relationships

Social media brings us together and one of the best ways to leverage the power of social media is to build relationships with people who can potentially help your brand image and give it coverage. Celebrities, journalists, and influencers are great people to network with through social media. Retweeting or sharing their content helps in building a meaningful relationship with them that you could channel to get more coverage for your brand. 


Hashtags might be simple, but they’re great tools that can help public relations teams follow conversations about the topic of their choice and engage and connect with interested users. This can help you gauge how well a marketing campaign performs. 

Instant Crisis Management

While the Internet is a marketing paradise, a negative brand reputation on the internet and particularly social media could spell doom for a brand. Public relations experts can harness the instant nature of social media to put the fast-spreading viral content to rest and salvage the brand’s reputation. 

Live Announcements

Using social media, public relations teams can give their audience live updates as and when things happen. This allows you to stay connected with your audience and lets you reach them faster and more effectively in case of a crisis. 

Understand Your Target Audience

Social media can help you understand the general sentiment of your audience and tailor your products and services to meet these needs. Social media gives public relations professionals a real-time scoop into how the world perceives the brand and how that can be improved.



These were just some of the many social media strategies that you can use to help your brand. You should incorporate social media into your public relations strategy because it is an opportunity to bridge the gap between you and your consumers. The direct and instant feedback provides great insight into how your brand is being received by customers.

Besides, the speed at which information spreads on the web is unparalleled and a social media strategy is your best bet to stay up to speed and relevant. 

If you want to see how we put social media into action, follow us on Twitter and get the latest industry, blog, and OnePitch news straight to your feed. Also, be sure to check out our guide to public relations to learn more about why PR matters, the KPIs you should be tracking, plus a lot more.

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