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7 Reasons Mompreneurs Fail in their Marketing Plans

7 Reasons Mompreneurs Fail In Their Marketing Plans

Being a mom and an entrepreneur sounds like a great idea and truly there are tremendous benefits. How can moms ensure their success? By recognizing that the same reasons that stress moms out on an average day, also contribute to a lackluster marketing campaign. Understand that there will be challenges, but with a few adjustments mompreneurs will be better able to grow and thrive.

Moms have a hard time asking for help

We have been programmed to be able to do it all without asking for help. Manage a day at the office or some area of our home, handle the kids and the new dog, keep the house from being an insane mess, have food in the fridge, and don’t be too much of a nagging spouse or parent. At the end of the day we wonder why we are impatient and frazzled. The same mentality that leads us to believe that we can handle it all at home transfers to our entrepreneurial life.

Know that it’s okay to get help for your business. Sites like Upwork and Guru are platforms that connect entrepreneurs with freelancers. (Shameless plug: you can also hire me!) A good friend of mine found exceptional talent through her local newspaper. The best part is that the people she found are also moms or people that took time off to raise their kids and now want to get back to work. It’s a win-win.  PS – My friend’s advice is to make sure you thoroughly check references before hiring anyone.


Thinking help costs a lot

Especially when we start a business, the costs seem overwhelming. If you’re not meeting the goals you set, that’s overwhelming too.  Now is an ideal time to find help as experienced marketers, many with corporate branding experience or senior marketing expertise, have recently moved out of an expensive city and may have flexibility with their fees. You might realize that by using a freelance publicist, social media manager, or bookkeeper, that you are able to focus on another area of your business that only you can do. There are lots of great time-saving tools too like Later for social media scheduling and OnePitch which helps you know if you’ve written a good press pitch. Check out the podcast section which is full of great information. Write down all of the tasks that are not being taken care of, see which ones would free up the most amount of your time if you hired a freelancer, set a budget no matter how small, and then search for help. You won’t know what’s out there until you start to look.


Not making the time or creating a plan focused on consistency

Moms have a long to do list and focus on getting it done quickly. Growing our business is a long-term strategy. It’s better to do nothing with your marketing than have fits of starts and stops that look inconsistent and unprofessional. Stronger results will be achieved from posts on social media done three times a week for six-months than daily for two weeks that abruptly stop. If you created a plan, follow it closely and make adjustments. Make sure that whatever you are doing is consistent, even if it progresses more slowly than you would like.


Not knowing what to do with press results

Getting press coverage for your business feels great! But many mompreneurs ask, “Where are my orders?” Understanding that what you do with the press clip is what counts. Here are a few suggestions and make sure you do this with every mention since it’s about consistency! Add the post to your social media, use it in emails to clients, put the link in your email signature, upload it to your website, and include it in new business presentations. Now more than ever entrepreneurs have to bring the press to clients. Don’t wait for the clients to see the article, click on it and find you. Even if an article does drive traffic to your company, it is always going to be helpful to support the writer and the website or magazine by sharing. If you need more details on how to get going then OnePitch PR101: is a great place to start.


Little cross-marketing of the work already being done

If you feel completely overwhelmed and have the sense that you need to be doing more, then try and make one effort count in multiple ways. For example, use your marketing idea to post on social media, the same idea to pitch press, the same idea for your client newsletter, and the same idea for website content. It shouldn’t be exactly the same word for word, but there should be consistency, which is great for your brand, and it cuts down on the number of new ideas that you have to come up with later. Keep a running list of new ideas so you have a marketing calendar of campaigns that can be used at least two months ahead. It helps with consistency!


Giving yourself a hard time for not accomplishing more

There is not much to say here. Bad energy slows growth. Stop with the negativity because you are the only one that has the control to focus on positive thoughts and actions. It will take practice and you might need motivation – make every effort to not let negativity be a barrier to success.


Don’t make huge goals and never get to them

When we have so much going on, it is incredibly challenging to think about slowing down. We feel that we have to work harder. But a bitesize approach that allows us to successfully cross off items on a list will work best. Another friend of mine, Rahel Musleah from Explore Jewish India, a heritage tour and education organization, wanted to market her business. Thinking about the list of marketing efforts seemed overwhelming, until she realized that each individual effort was building towards success. In a few short months she saw measurable results. Once you have data about what works, use it to grow one step at a time. 


Mompreneurs can run successful marketing campaigns by following the advice they often give – be patient, positive, and consistent!




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​Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Nataly grew up learning about the benefits and stresses of being a business owner. Most importantly, she understands the importance of getting services that offer maximum value for minimum time and cost. She loves being able to be a mom and entrepreneur at the same time.

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