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7 Communication Conferences to Attend in 2022

7 Communication Conferences To Attend In 2022

As public relations professionals, it’s essential to stay tuned into market trends and have our eyes on every movement in the industry. One of the best ways of improving our game as PRos is to socialize, observe, and learn from our colleagues and those leading the way in the industry.

Attending conferences, both in-person and online, is one of the best ways we can learn from seasoned industry professionals and network within your specific niche to learn about how the industry is evolving. 

This article highlights seven communications conferences you need to attend in 2022 to continue to stay on top of where the industry is going and who’s driving it. 

1. Intrado – A Festival for Communicators

Date: February 3rd, 2022

Price: Registrations are free of cost 

Place: Hybrid Event (London, NYC, Chicago, Online) 

Description: With Brendan Hunt, the Emmy-winning co-creator, actor, and writer, as the keynote speaker, Intrado will be one of the most popular Public Relations conferences this year. The conference will have valuable content for PR best practices and insights. It will prepare you for managing and enhancing your events, PR programs, and communications in the competitive PR industry.  

With over 40 communication coaches and experts, the event will witness unparalleled interactivity and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn, share and grow. The event focuses primarily on leadership qualities, great storytelling, and building a thriving team culture. 


2. AMEC Global Summit on Measurement

Date: May 23rd – May 25th, 2022

Price: The entry is based on a membership basis with eligibility criteria mentioned on the website

Place: Vienna, Austria

Description: AMEC or the International Association for Measuring and Evaluating Communication is the world’s largest PR analytics and research organization. It has members from over 86 countries and is acclaimed for researching, practicing, and educating the PR market. The AMEC Virtual Global Summit on Measurement is an event that aims to enrich your approach towards communication practices, analytics, and evaluation with actionable insights from a line of global speakers. 


3. Content Marketing World

Date: September 13th – September 16th, 2022 

Price: Booking cost is subject to stay options

Place: Cleveland, OH, United States

Description: Content Marketing World is an international trade fair and communication conference for PR and Marketing professionals. You can expect exciting content, renowned keynote speakers, exciting group sessions, and social gatherings to inspire, educate and enhance your skills. 

The event will train attendees to form successful content marketing strategies. The conference will also have extensive supporting programs with over 100 hours of workshops by leading global content marketers. The conference expects to host over 550 marketing companies and media influences from all corners of the globe. 



Date: November 13th, 2022

Price: For professional members – USD 1195

           For professional non-member – USD 1495

           For student members – USD 315

           For student non-members – USD 350

Place: Grapevine, TX, United States

Description: The PRSA ICON conference is a public relations conference for aspiring communicators. It aims at promoting interpersonal communication skills and their influence in the marketing industry. In ICON 2022, you can expect valuable content about the defining role of public relations and strategic communications. Speakers will share their experiences about corporate and private business along with social activism and critical business assessment.  


5. Global PR Summit

Date: November 18th to November 19th, 2022

Price: $715

Place: Online Webinar 

Description: The Global PR Summit is a must-attend public relations conference for active and ambitious PR professionals. The conference will feature interactive conversations with leading experts from Facebook, Wattpad, Ikea, IBM, and Islamic Relief Canada. You can expect dynamic sessions about crisis communication in the post-pandemic world. You will learn to comprehend and manage the relationship between effective crisis communication and advanced preparation and reputation management in the cancel culture age. 

The conference will also engage with data-oriented PR strategy and comprehensive PR transformation in the uncertain pandemic stricken market. Attendees can also look forward to sessions for building leadership, earning confidence, and establishing relationships and market trust. 


6. Crisis Communications Boot Camp 15

Date: December 2nd to December 3rd, 2022

Price: $1599

Place: Online Webinar 

Description: Crisis Communication Boot Camp is a conference that will host over 1600 attendees and leading market professionals. The speaker panel will consist of international experts who will guide you through the entire process of crisis communication. From the structural groundwork to the aftermath and recovery of events, you will learn the tips and tricks for the principles of effective crisis communication.  

The boot camp will equip you to handle different kinds of crises caused due to internal error, natural disasters, political upheaval, natural disasters, or customer actions. You can expect powerful messages on media exposure, market identity, and dealing with aggressive media.


7. PRDecoded by PRWeek

Date: The date is yet to be announced

Price: The pricing structure is yet to be announced

Place: New York City, NY, United States  

Description: PRDecoded is PRWeek’s annual three-day conference. The event is attended by enthusiastic PR professionals and marketers in a range of roles from novice to veterans to the industry. The Public Relations Conference will cover trending topics from the PR industry and the challenges faced by the market professionals. 

The conference will be a networking feast tailored for PR professionals. The speaker agendas will cover strategies to connect with brands, cultures, and media, plus utilize communication skills for growth and credibility. The conference will also witness master classes on topics focused on the transformations in the corporate and private marketing world. The attendees will experience a great space to polish their approach and immerse themselves with engaging PR-related content. 




The marketplace for PR professionals is constantly expanding. With each new trend, the landscape transforms and then creates space for new upcoming trends and approaches. The leading public relations professionals keep up with these changes and use their awareness to grow and succeed. As active and aspiring PR professionals, you must follow their approach and stay aligned with the market trends. 

Hopefully, attending some of these events will help you in your journey of becoming a PR pro or just aid in brushing up on current trends and happenings in the industry!

The conferences listed in this article are an excellent opportunity for you to network through the global market, learn from the top market players, and add to your credibility and skill set.

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