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6 Tips to Pitch Victoria Song of Gizmodo

6 Tips To Pitch Victoria Song Of Gizmodo

Victoria Song, a consumer tech reporter at Gizmodo, joined us on the Coffee with a Journalist podcast back in May of 2021. She gave us an inside look into her inbox, shared about CES, and mentioned a few key points about pitching her. Here are 6 tips you can use if you’re looking to work with her:


Keep subject lines short

For Victoria, “no gimmicks” are well appreciated in the category of subject lines. Subject lines that are vague or as she puts it “opaque” won’t grab her attention either. Victoria prefers them to be short. Word for word she says, “The really short ones [subject lines],” are the ones that get her to open a pitch.


Use specifics and references

Combined with the note above, subject lines and pitches need to have specifics included AND make sure both are reflective of one another. She dislikes reading a pitch that has no tie-in to the subject line or is misleading. Victoria did reference an example of a pitch she did like that used key terms (related to the pitch) from an article she had previously written.

BONUS: Victoria also mentions her favorite sources, “provide extra content.” While she didn’t go into vivid detail about this keep in mind what content she will need to include in an article.


Pitch experts

It’s a no-brainer that Victoria has a strong understanding of the agenda most PR pros have and, unfortunately, many make it all too obvious to her. By agenda, I mean the inherent placing of a company and product without any other sort of interesting information to grasp her and her readers’ attention. Instead, she offers insight into sources and pitches that offer them. 


Keep it consumer-oriented

By scanning only a few articles on her author page, or simply reading her bio, you can see Victoria covers consumer technology products. During the episode, she even mentions reviewing a smartwatch!


Back-up claims

In reference to the product and article above, make sure any claims about your product can be verified and validated. Victoria tests these products in real life and her authentic take on the product influences readers in a way that could result in something very positive or something not-so-positive.


Try DMs

While I am not recommending you pitch her through DMs, Victoria did mention how active she is there and responsive to readers. This would be a great way to engage meaningfully with her and potentially provide an introduction to pitch her in the future.




If you didn’t have a chance to listen to Vicotria’s episode, you can hear the full recording here and view notes from the episode about her inbox, pitches, and how she creates her stories.

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