With summer in full swing and the holidays upon us, it is the time of year when the news begins to really pick up. With almost all journalists using Twitter as the main source of news, it can definitely be hard to differentiate the best of the best. According to a report from Triggertrap’s CEO, journalists make up the largest group of verified users on Twitter.

Although there are thousands of noteworthy journalists on Twitter, these are the 5 that stood out to us this month. These awesome journos are witty, informed, and up-to-date with the latest and greatest news. Check them out below:

Patrick Seitz, Investor’s Business Daily

What he tweets about:
Personal technology (i.e. PCs and Consumer Electronics)
Why we follow:
Patrick is a senior reporter and writer at Investor’s Business Daily, boasting over 15+ years of experience covering technology business. His Twitter features tweets about the latest tech news, especially in regards to publicly traded companies like Apple. In between tech tweets, he consistently posts humorous quotes from the best comedians about journalism as a whole. We love getting some realness and laughter on our feed, so definitely check him out!

Daryl Baxter, TechRadar

What he tweets about:
All things tech related with an emphasis on gaming
Why we follow:
Daryl is a Manchester native and began his writing career in 2018. Since then, he has bylines for WIRED UK, TechRadar, MacFormat, and GamesRadar+. He has a passion for reporting on gaming and has also written several articles about the Cloud. Additionally, he has two podcasts that he created, called PAL Keys and The Outpost Show. PAL Keys features more gaming related topics with different guests, while The Outpost Show discusses different ways in which guests use their iPads to create content.

Chris Griffith, The Australian

What he tweets about:
Consumer Technology (i.e. iPads, Phones, Laptops) & Breaking Technology News
Why we follow:
Chris is a well-known tech journalist based in Australia. He has over 50 years of experience with the computer industry, showing off his knowledge in regard to technology. Not only has he worked in print journalism, but he also has knowledge in radio and television broadcasting. He is consistently tweeting about the latest gadgets to hit the market and any other predominant tech news. Go give him a follow!

Thomas Germain, Consumer Reports

What he tweets about:
Tech Gadgets & Privacy
Why we follow:
Wondering what tech products are the best for 2019? Thomas has all the info for the latest and greatest tech gadgets on the horizon. He also reports on Facebook and different privacy issues that are occurring within the company. His tweets feature a mixture of both and we are always down for some good product reviews and Facebook updates. I mean, who isn’t?

Olivia Solon, NBC News

What she tweets about:
Technology and Digital Culture
Why we follow:
Olivia is no newbie when it comes to tech journalism. She is currently the Editor of Tech Investigations at NBC News but has also maintained previous editorial roles for the Guardian, WIRED UK, The Mirror, and Bloomberg Business Europe. She is passionate about finding the ways in which technology impacts society as a whole and the effects thereof. Her Twitter is filled with all things tech related and is one of our favorite places to catch tech news. Go give her a follow!

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