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5 Voices to Amplify: Foreign Correspondent Edition

5 Voices To Amplify: Foreign Correspondent Edition

As dramatic and catastrophic events unfold around the world, journalists put their health and safety on the line to inform the public of what’s happening on the ground. Most recently, with the exit of US troops in Afghanistan we’ve seen and heard how brutal the reality is for journalists, those living abroad, as well as citizens.

To cast a brighter light on these journalists covering significant events unfolding around the world, we decided to outline a small handful of those who continue to bring forth new information, most recently from the Middle East. Read below for our list of 5 voices to amplify, foreign correspondent edition.


Clarissa Ward, CNN


International politics, social unrest

Why we follow:

As a chief international correspondent, Clarissa Ward has traveled to dozens of countries to report on crises including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, and Myanmar. She has reported from the front lines for over 15 years, was named 2019 Foreign Correspondent of the Year by Gracies, and has written a memoir that details her career as a conflict reporter. Her timeline of late is filled with news about her chaotic departure from the Kabul airport and the current situation in Afghanistan, as well as the latest updates from the White House.


Idress Ali, Reuters


Foreign policy, national security, The Pentagon

Why we follow:

Idrees Ali is a national security and foreign policy correspondent for Reuters. He’s covered The Pentagon since April of 2016 and most recently has been informing readers about the situation unfolding in Afghanistan. His coverage of The Pentagon has also given readers, and viewers, a glimpse of daily press briefings and the latest updates from Washington. His timeline mirrors many of the same things he covers in snippets along with visuals to put everything into perspective.


Susannah George, The Washington Post


The Middle East

Why we follow:

Susannah George is a foreign correspondent covering Afghanistan and Pakistan and currently serves as the bureau chief for both countries. From 2015 to 2018, she headed the AP’s Baghdad bureau reporting on ISIS. She was also a Pulitzer finalist in 2018. Her timeline of late has been filled with stories about evacuating Afghanistan along with accounts from citizens as the country continues to unravel at the hands of the Taliban.


Edward Wong, The New York Times


Foreign policy, China, Iraq

Why we follow:

Edward Wong is an award-winning diplomatic and international correspondent for The New York Times. Much of his career was spent covering China as Beijing bureau chief from 2008 to 2017. Prior to that, he was an Iraq correspondent from 2003 to 2007 covering the US invasion and Iraqi civil war. His timeline consists of current breaking news about Afghanistan as well as his past experiences reporting about and from the country. Much of his past experience is also visible spanning from policy news about China to journalism lessons and teachings.


Nahal Toosi, Politico


Foreign policy, national security

Why we follow:

As a foreign affairs correspondent, Nahal writes, “about U.S. foreign policy and national security, with a frequent focus on the political implications in Washington and on the campaign trail.” She started at Politico in 2013 covering politics and the 2014 midterm elections after reporting at the AP for nearly a decade. Her timeline is riddled with information about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, with a political focus.




In the midst of turmoil, these 5 journalists help us to understand the true reality of situations both foreign and domestic. Let us not forget about the countless number of other journalists who have put their lives on the line and provided us with firsthand accounts of news from across the globe.

For more voices to follow on Twitter make sure to check out our last installment of this series about voices in the mental health space.

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