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5 Tips to Pitch Jeff Benson of Decrypt

5 Tips To Pitch Jeff Benson Of Decrypt

On Season 2, Episode 83 of Coffee with a Journalist we had the pleasure of speaking with Decrypt’s senior editor, Jeff Benson

As a senior editor, Jeff not only writes about a wide range of crypto news including NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and crypto exchanges but also oversees a team of writers. His latest coverage has centered around the Russia-Ukraine war and how cryptocurrency is involved.

Read below for a list of 5 tips you can implement to pitch Jeff Benson of Decrypt:


1. Make sure it’s Web3

Jeff starts off by sharing more about Decrypt and what they cover as a publication. While you might not be familiar with the differences between Web3 and the Metaverse, Jeff provides a simple overview below:

“​​So essentially, it [Decrypt] exists to explain the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space to people that may not know a lot about it, and for people that do know a lot about it.”


2. Name recognition is everything

Jeff gets pitched often, and it doesn’t help that he manages multiple email addresses and channels including Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. He said this about cold pitches from unknown sources:

“A lot of the times the pitches that I receive are publicists wanting to put me in touch with a [spokesperson] or to talk about a particular issue, which is nice in theory, but usually it’s not someone with name recognition in the space. It’s someone looking to build name recognition.”

Jeff recognizes that the crypto space is flooded with startups looking to make a name for themselves and get a placement secured in Decrypt.


3. Funding ≠ Placement

He shares an example of a recent story that was published on Decrypt. It had a funding angle (the company secured $2 million) which he admitted was rather low in news terms but because the pitch addressed a growing problem in the space it was worthy of diving into further.

“If you can present, “Here’s the problem. Here’s how this person aims to solve it.” That’s really great for us.”

His advice above should come in handy if you’re thinking of sending a pitch to him or any of his team members.


4. Don’t pitch him AND another reporter

While this is common knowledge for seasoned PR professionals, there is certainly an outspoken rule against emailing multiple contacts from one publication. The case is especially true if you’re reaching out to editors as well as reporters.

See here for more information on the difference between an editor and a reporter.

As a team, Jeff and his colleagues are sharing information they receive with one another therefore if you send multiple editors and/or reporters the same pitch then chances are they are sharing it with the team.

Jeff says, “​​Because usually what we’re doing is we’re sharing pitches among the editors anyway and saying, “Hey, is this something that we should consider assigning?” Usually, we’re looking for confirmation from another editor before we go ahead and assign you a writer.”


5. Be an active voice

For Jeff, his story inspiration rarely comes from emails or pitches. Instead, he says, it usually appears in front of him as he’s scouring various channels to see what people are saying.

“I have the spots where I show up. I show up on Twitter. There’s a couple of aggregator sites that I look at. See if there’s anything popping in certain Telegram channels. Most of my inspiration doesn’t come from emails.”

Jeff goes on to elaborate that he does still want to receive pitches and that if you’re thinking of sending his something consider his feedback below:

“I’m also always looking for big numbers. If someone’s doing a big fundraise that’s interesting, I want to get in on that. So I’m always looking for pitches that have to do with specific cryptocurrencies or improving a situation with a specific cryptocurrency…”




The good news is that not only is Jeff writing often but his team is growing and producing roughly 15 articles a day. Use the tips above to help shape your media relations strategy with Jeff and other writers from the team at Decrypt.

If you didn’t have a chance to listen to Jeff’s episode, click here to listen and view notes from the episode, and check out his Pitch Tips video on YouTube.

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