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5 Tips for Pitching B2B vs. B2C

5 Tips For Pitching B2B Vs. B2C

Are you a part of the marketing & communications industry and looking to pitch a B2B news channel for any particular story? Well, client pitching is an art and is needed to enhance the sale of products or services. It is an effective way to persuade journalists to work together or opt for any particular product/service. The pitch is usually segmented into two industry perspectives; B2B and B2C. If carried out well, both of these pitches can help build better PR (Public Relations). Read on to know more about B2B and B2C pitching. 

What is B2B Pitching?

B2B (Business to Business) pitching is used for marketing products/services of any business to another corporation. For example, a magazine advertisement about a top CA company is a type of B2B marketing. In the journalism industry, B2B reporters and publications focus on news from a given industry. B2B journalism is concerned with events in only one market. B2B pitching in the journalism sector may seem different than a B2B sales pitch. One should clearly understand the meaning of B2B news pitching before writing to a publication/reporter. 

For example, a B2B news channel provides agriculture-related news. They can show the impact of regulatory policies on farmers or the cause of fewer crop yields. Whatever they do, it will be related to agriculture. B2B reporters write for various sources like media houses, magazines, e-news websites, etc. Read on to know ways to write a perfect B2B pitch covering a story. One can also consider B2B pitching as generating leads. 


What is B2C Pitching?

There is no particular term for B2C journalism. B2C (Business to Consumer) focuses on selling the products/services to the end-user in a marketing sense. B2C pitching cares more about enhancing PR as compared to B2B. B2C pitching always focuses on generating sales and transactional value. B2C pitching is done in the journalism industry to sell a story or investigative insights to a reporter or publication. 

B2C focuses on increasing the transactional value but, it does not imply that it is all about money. Many news sources leak a story online and wait for hits. It is not the right way to pitch a story or to build a reputation in the industry. A B2C news channel or reporter focuses on the end-users and, one needs to write to them effectively. 


What’s the Difference Between B2B and B2C? 

The most notable differences between B2B and B2C are as follows:

  • The B2C market is enormous with end-users from different industries and, it focuses on selling the products/services to them. On the contrary, B2B focuses on a targeted audience from any specific industry. 
  • B2B writing focuses on logical reasons that add value to any product, news, etc. B2B writing helps a target audience to achieve business objectives. On the contrary, B2C writing focuses on emotional reasons more than B2B writing. However, logic is required anyhow to prove the worth of any product or story. 
  • B2C articles are product-oriented whereas, B2B focuses on the business and the people. 
  • One can see B2B examples in real life every day. For example, an article in an EdTech magazine promoting any VR product is one of the B2B examples. B2C examples are those articles that focus more on the end-users and have an emotional touch. 

Tips for Writing a Perfect Pitch 

Below are the five tips for writing the perfect pitch to B2B or a B2C reporter/publication: 

1.) Draft a New Perspective
The media loves a fresh perspective on a trending topic. If a reporter can bring a new face or a new aspect to a story, he/she can successfully pitch any media house. A journalist should always aim at providing unique insight into a story that has never been heard before and a publicist should tailor their pitches to be unique and interesting. If all the media houses show only one side of the story, one can choose to share the story of another side to gain more views.

2.) Ensure Originality
There is no point in pitching a story to a publication that many news sources have already shown. A story writer should research the frequency of any particular news on other channels and make sure it is not repetitive.  

3.) Don’t Only Promote
A B2B reporter is rarely responsible for showing stories that also promote a particular product or service. However, it doesn’t imply that a B2C news reporter will start acting like a marketer. One needs to connect the service/product to any real-life story for better pitching. A publication or reporter will not like a pitch if it sounds like an advertisement more than news. However, for B2C news writing, one can use a promotional tone as it is meant for the end-users. But beware, many journalists do not want to simply promote your product without highlighting the value to the end-user or consumer. 

4.) Choose an Appropriate Way of Communication
A PR professional cannot just drop a comment on the Facebook post of a publication house and expect results. Choose a proper communication channel for forwarding news pitches to publications or media houses. For example, email is one of the best ways for B2B/B2C news pitching. 

5.) Identify Related Publications
What is the importance of pitching agricultural news to a publication that shows tech-business news? A PR professional should identify publications that have audiences in the relevant industry. Big media houses receive many news pitches and select only a few based on their originality. 



It is better to see some B2B/B2C examples before pitching a publication or a reporter. The above-mentioned tips will help in creating the best pitch for a publication and reporter. Create your B2C/B2B news pitch now!

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