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5 Tech Startup Communities For Entrepreneurs

Startup communities are essential in helping new, and current, brands expand their reach, provide resources for growth and development, offer a way to connect with investors and advisors, and provide a great way to network with other entrepreneurs. Below are five notable communities that are providing startups with the resources they need to grow.

Built In LA

Coined “The hub of LA startups,” and with 85,148 “local techies”, Built In LA is the third most prominent startup community within the Built In network. Community members can expect an array of resources at their disposal including startup profiles, daily and weekly events, job posts and an employer portal, industry research, and news about the companies who part of the network.

Featured events through Built In LA include networking and meetups, panels, how-to clinics and workshops, and tons more.

One unique part of the company profile pages are their filtering options. Companies can be identified and filtered by the specific perks they offer, tech stack, size, funding total, and industry-type.

You can find more Built In communities in other cities across the US including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, NYC, and Seattle.

Boston Inno

The Boston Inno chapter has been active since 2008, and is the oldest chapter within the American Inno network which expands across 10 different cities within the US. Expansion of the American Inno network started in 2011 when the second chapter was founded in DC shortly followed by Chicago and Austin. Claiming to be one of the largest local innovation networks, American Inno has over 50 annual events, 100K+ subscribers to the newsletter, and over 500K monthly pageviews.

A main focus of the American Inno network is their content production surrounding the participating brands. It’s a great way for journalists, and other brands, to keep tabs on their space and the competition. They also offer helpful resource guides for those who prefer a roundup-style list of who’s who and what’s happening.

Hosting your own tech event in Boston or one of the other 10 “ecosystems” of tech? The event page has an option for brands looking to promote their upcoming event. The event page also provides a map for reference in case you’re worried about having to drive across town in rush hour.

Other American Inno cities include Atlanta, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Richmond, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

Silicon Valley Forum

For over 35 years, Silicon Valley Forum has been a local community for startups, government-related programs, and universities. They offer a suite of resources for these entities which include accelerator and incubator programs, angel groups and access to financial institutions, work space, accounting, HR and more. For more on these resources, see HERE.

SV Forum organizes over 70 yearly events including the Women in Tech Festival which started in 2015, and the Visionary Awards which honors innovation and entrepreneurship in the advancement of technology.

The free resources provided through the website are beneficial for anyone looking to expand their knowledge base. Their Crash Courses have a Coursera-like feel and provide real learnings from entrepreneurs and leaders in the community – learn how to raise a fund or how you should incorporate your business in the United States. They also provide video testimonials and interviews with the leaders who’ve had success and want to share their story.

Want to work with, or for, the Silicon Valley Forum? They offer internships, volunteer programs for their many events, and an ambassador program if you want to spread the word and become involved in educating others within an existing or new startup community.

Startup Grind San Francisco

With 25,000+ members, Startup Grind San Francisco is the largest community within the Startup Grind network. The community expands across 400 cities globally, 12 different countries, and boasts nearly 1.5M active entrepreneurs within the network.

Aside from organizing daily and weekly events within each individual community, Startup Grind also hosts a yearly global conference. This coming February 2019, over 8000 entrepreneurs will gather in Silicon Valley over a 3-day period. Festivities include numerous speaker series, forums, networking events, and of course parties.

Are you an entrepreneur or startup looking to become involved? If you’ve secured under $3M in funding you can apply for their GRIND accelerator. Or, if you’ve secured over $3M in funding then you can apply for their growth accelerator. Many companies will apply and they accept the top 50 applicants.

The Startup Grind network recently reignited their featured podcast with exclusive interviews, how to episodes, trend and industry insights, and more. Access the archive of past episodes and their most recent featuring Gary Vaynerchuk.

Other notable Startup Grind cities in the US include Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle.

Startup San Diego

Startup San Diego started only a few years ago but has already made a large impact on the local market. Their recently appointed Executive Director, Jarrod Russell, is bringing a fresh, new approach to the organization and their impact on the local market.

One of their annual flagship events, San Diego Startup Week, celebrates the progression of technology innovations over the course of a 5-day period. Thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, students, and investors flock to sunny San Diego for trainings, learnings, and networking. With such a diverse crowd, the event offers specific “tracks” for each profession including design, marketing, growth, and web development.

Startup San Diego offers 6 unique programs for new brands looking to reach their highest potential. Mentorships, hands on Q&A with expert developers, R&D labs, and investor relations which are all vital to the success of growing your business and learning from experts.

Sign up for their newsletter, volunteer for the annual conference and other events, or apply to be part of the community HERE.

Whether you’re a startup looking for help building your brand, or a journalist looking to write a feature story on the latest and greatest tech companies in your local area, use these as a reference point for identifying the most innovative brands making an impact on your startup community.

Jered Martin

Jered is the co-founder, COO and support manager at OnePitch. He handles operations for OnePitch; along with strategy, support, business development and hiring. He studied Communications with an emphasis in marketing at Cal State University Long Beach. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, eating cheap street food, cooking, and exploring the outdoors.

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