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5 PR Strategies to Boost Your E-Commerce Business

5 Public Relations Strategies To Boost Your E-Commerce Business

When building a growing e-commerce business, don’t forget the power of public relations.

A proper PR strategy has the potential to make you stand out from the pack, augment your brand visibility and convert followers into lifetime customers.

While traditional PR methods like press releases and press junkets are not as effective as they once were, the rise of PR in the digital age is perhaps more engaging and mutually beneficial for both your company and your clients.

Here are five PR strategies to help give your e-commerce business the boost it deserves:

Stand Out

The first step in growing your e-commerce company is defining your brand and what makes you stand out from your competitors.

What product do you sell and what makes it different from others? What is your background and how has it made you uniquely qualified to be a leader in the industry? Who are your products for and why do they matter? What benefit are your giving to society as a whole?

These questions might feel arduous, but they will help hone your message as you communicate with customers, reporters and influencers who are interested in promoting your brand.


Build Your Team

If you want to maximize your company’s communication outreach, be sure to hire specialists for your PR team.

The PR manager is responsible for developing a strong CRM strategy in order to build quality outreach lists and identify fruitful partnerships and PR opportunities.

You may also need a content creator to maintain consistent branding throughout your communication channels as well as a social media whiz to manage and monitor all of your online relationships and conversations. You may also benefit from having an SEO expert to improve your e-commerce site’s search rankings and optimize your content for enhanced visibility.


Grow Your Lists

With the brand and team in place, it is time to create and grow your lists.

The first list of importance is made up of industry professionals. This includes everyone from traditional reporters and industry bloggers to social media influencers and fellow entrepreneurs who share similar values.

Your second list consists of your social media followers, who are either already loyal customers or have the most potential for conversion. You can boost these audiences through paid advertising on social media and through quality content creation.

By prioritizing and growing these essential lists, you are more likely to receive viral exposure and top-of-mind trust every time you communicate an update about your company.


Create Conversations

Next, it’s time to create conversations within your outreach lists and position yourself as a leader in the industry.

Provide journalists with insider news in your industry. Respond to reporters who need quotes and insight into topics they are writing about. Engage in conversations occurring on social media that are applicable to your products. Become a valuable resource in online forums and panels. Converse transparently with your customers and offer proactive and effective customer service. Respond to questions, complaints and praises on all channels.

The more conversations you are willing to have with others, the more positive awareness you will create for your e-commerce storefront.


Tell Your Story

Telling your story involves understanding your audience and expertly crafting your message. It requires everything from blog posts and press releases to videos and infographics.

E-commerce stores need to be in the business of storytelling. What products are new and on the horizon? What progress or milestones is your company achieving? How are you listening to consumers to improve the client experience? How is your company partnering with others to make a difference? How are you giving back to the community?

These are all stories that are worth telling across all of your PR channels and lists. They also make it easy for others to feel invested in your journey and more inclined to share it with others.


These are just a few tips to perfecting your PR strategy in order to improve your e-commerce outreach. In the end, all you need is a good product, great content and a desire to create and nurture relationships.

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