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5 Noteworthy Quotes About Public Relations

5 Noteworthy Quotes About Public Relations

Time flies, but good quotes never die. It is hard to believe it has been almost a whole year since we released our article, 5 Famous Journalism Quotes. When it was first released, the pandemic had just gone into full lockdown in the United States, election season was in full swing, and bread-baking was at an all-time high. 

Fast forward to today and it is pretty safe to say a lot has changed. From unprecedented events kicking off 2021 to the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States, public relations professionals are well aware of the changes in the world and the industry.

During times of uncertainty and what appears to be the paradox of constant change, it is always nice to find your anchor amongst the storm. As we continue to embrace 2021, we wanted to share 5 noteworthy quotes about public relations we can hold on to no matter what the future of public relations brings. 

Let’s dive in!

Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group

Richard Branson Public Relations Quote

In today’s changing climate, audiences are looking to connect with brands and people they can relate to and trust. Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, knows well that advertising can only go so far. To create those deep-rooted relationships and stories, one should embrace public relations for its more authentic communication tactics. 

Daniel J. Boorstin, American Historian

Daniel J. Boorstin Public Relations Quote

This quote by Daniel J. Boorstin is one of the most iconic lines in PR. One of the main reasons that this quote resonates so deeply is in its truth. While one can create game-changing innovations that reshape the world or accomplish monumental achievements never before seen, often it is in its public relations does the public get a hold of this information.

Boorstin acknowledges that is the public relations officers who are able to successfully communicate a story and the value that it has. 

Seth Godin, Bestselling Marketing Author

Seth Godin Public Relations Quote

Speaking of communicating a story, Seth Godin highlights the power PR pros have in crafting that narrative. Their job is to find the stories worth telling and communicate them to those with platforms that can share the stories with the masses. It is the public relations professionals who are often tasked with finding that “magic” the audience will resonate with and want to relate to.

Bill Gates, Co-Founder of Microsoft

Bill Gates Public Relations Quote

To have one of the world’s richest people say that he’d spend his last dollar on PR should tell you a thing or two. Like the quotes before, this one by Bill Gates truly exemplifies the power and value in public relations. Building rapport and trust with the public through tactful PR is always money well spent and can have immediate and long term benefits.

Mark Twain, American Writer

Mark Twain Public Relations Quote

We conclude this list with a quote that is quintessentially about public relations at its core. Mark Twain understood the power that the masses have in accepting or rejecting ideas, products, and more. While you can believe your product or brand is the best, that is only true when the public sees it and deems it worthy. 

Smart public relations professionals present products, companies, and more to the public in a way that is digestible and intriguing. This strategy is what sets an audience’s expectations for what they are about to receive. Set them too high, you leave them unimpressed. Set them too low, you risk tarnishing your first impression. While you can impress investors and board members to believe your story, it all means very little if the public is not on your side.

To all of our PR pros out there, we see you and the work you do every day to share the stories that matter with the world. 


Remind yourself of these 5 noteworthy quotes about public relations as you conquer 2021. To stay ready for whatever this year throws your way, read our article,  5 Public Relations Trends & Predictions for 2021. Also, for more tips, tricks, and insights around all things PR, be sure to follow us on Twitter

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