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5 Must-Have Back-To-School Tech Gadgets

5 Must-Have Back-To-School Tech Gadgets

It’s September, which means it’s back-to-school time. We have all experienced the excitement of starting a new school year with new supplies and we also know how hard it is to keep your kids on track, especially when the back-to-school sales start ramping up.

When it comes to school, there are so many different aspects that accompany it beyond just the classroom. Giving kids tech that has dual functionality is key these days as our culture is becoming predominately digital. Taking this into account, we compiled a list of 5 OnePitch-approved back-to-school tech gadgets that both you and your kids will be stoked about!

Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System with Thermal Carafe

It’s time for school, which means coffee consumption is at an all-time high for both you and your kids! Buying coffee several times a week really begins to add up and if you or your kids are anything like we are, the first stop of the morning is always for coffee. Spending $5 every day is expensive for everyone, especially students.

To eliminate this added expense, a high tech coffee machine is a perfect solution. There are so many different coffee makers, but this one tops the charts. For $229, it is worth the investment for both you and your kids. Its dual-action functionality allows you to brew both coffee and tea easily with the push of a button. It can also make iced coffee and has 6 different brew sizes. It covers all the stops for any type of occasion!

Lenovo Smart Display

Let’s be honest, new computers, tablets, and phones become expensive, especially if you or your kids need all three. The Lenovo Smart Display is an all-in-one tablet that everyone can be excited about. It’s multi-purpose in that it allows you to play music through different apps, watch TV on several different channels, and it gives you access to the internet. Oh, and let’s not forget about YouTube! It also allows you to stay in touch with loved ones through video calls, which is quite handy when you or your kids are away. It is an essential in our book. Stay connected with this sweet piece of tech!

Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack

After buying your kids all-new gadgets for school, we can assume that there is nothing worse than receiving a phone call saying that all those new things were stolen. With this backpack, there is no need to worry about that anymore. It comes with a small lock to protect the most important (and expensive) gadgets and is also waterproof, which means it can take on the worst of weather. Say bye-bye to the days of papers and projects getting soaked! On top of that, it also has built-in USB chargers on the inside and outside for portable, rapid recharges. This backpack is no joke and definitely something that children, and their parents, can benefit from!

Jelly Comb Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard B047

When it comes to school and almost everything else in life, the most important thing is efficiency! This portable keyboard is not only efficient when it comes to portability, but it also keeps productivity high when kids need to take solid notes in class. Its Bluetooth range is over 32 feet and it also folds down to the size of your hand, which makes it easy to throw in a backpack. For $22.99, this is the best purchase you will make all year for your kids. Also, if your kids don’t love it, then you can level up your efficiency at the office with this handy gadget! It’s a win-win.

HP Sprocket Plus Printer

There is no denying that students rack up a few hundred photos from the school year and what better way to remember all these fun memories than by having hard copies of those pictures? This awesome printer is the slimmest of the slim and easily portable. It allows you to print pictures directly from a phone with a free app through Bluetooth. It can connect to any number of phones, so don’t think that only your kids can benefit from it. This is the future of printers and we are absolutely living for it!


In school studying journalism? Check out our podcast episode Coffee with a Journalist: Macy Williams, Senior Shopping Editor at PopSugar, who talks internships, getting your foot in the door, and more! Wondering what other tech gadgets we have been loving? Check out these summer gadgets that you need to stock up on! Note: They have the OnePitch stamp of approval!

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