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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: Tourism & Travel Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter: Tourism & Travel Edition

Tourism and Travel is an ever-growing sector. The industry has faced a lot of hardships due to the pandemic. Now, as the world is restoring its wanderlust with reduced national and international travel restrictions, people are all set to make up for the time lost in lockdowns and quarantines. People have realized the importance of seeing the world and are more motivated to travel than before the pandemic. 

Media houses and news channels that were caught up with Covid-19, health, and finance-related updates are finally back to including tourism and travel content. This is also an opportunity for brands related to the sector to make their mark in the market and engage with potential travelers. 

The role of PR professionals is ideal today as the market is back to its fast-paced marketing needs, and brands are looking for a suitable space to plug in their products. Whether a first-time traveler or an experienced one, magazines and news channels are their top choice for recommendations, guides, and information about all things travel. This is where the PR professionals get to unite brands, platforms, and travelers to create the perfect marketing and consumer ecosystem. 

Who are the ones to follow in the tourism and travel space? Well, we have done the research for you! Numerous talented journalists contribute to the area with valuable information and insights. As a PR professional, you need to know the top journalists who can help amplify your client’s or employer’s brand.  

Given below is a list of 5 journalists you must follow on Twitter if you are working with a brand or a service related to tourism and travel:

Peter S. Greenberg, CNBC


What He Tweets About:

Travel News, Tourism updates, Tourism and Travel blogs


Why We Follow Him:

Peter is the travel editor for CBS news. Also known as the ‘Travel Detective,’ Peter has a huge fan base, including us. We follow him for his fascinating travel documentaries. If you identify as a travel enthusiast or a PR agent looking for the best place to pitch your tourism brand, you cannot miss Greenberg’s Twitter handle! From information about what to carry on your next helicopter trip to the global tourism and travel updates, Peter S. Greenberg posts it all on his website and snippets of it on his Twitter handle.


Amanda Statham, Women’s Health


What She Tweets About:

Women’s Health, Family Travel, Tourism, and Travel Products and Services. 


Why We Follow Her:

Amanda Statham’s Twitter location is “On a Beach,” and her tweets are quite a wave in the field of women’s health and travel. She has a range of tweets tackling different areas related to the love for traveling infused with the practicality of services and strategies you must be aware of as you explore new territories. Amanda is the travel editor for Women’s Health and adds a great touch of experience and guidance to female travelers. If you want tips on how to learn surfing while you’re in Hawaii, this knowledgeable globetrotter is your go-to Twitter account to follow. 


Jonathan Thompson, The Times


What He Tweets About:

Travel, Lifestyle, Environment


Why We Follow Him:

This Englishman in the United States is all about adventures and Travel. Jonathan Thompson is an award-winning travel and lifestyle journalist. He has worked for The Times, Telegraph, Travel Leisure, CN Traveller, and The Wall Street Journal. He is working on the Adventure Cities Series for the Discovery channel and engages primarily with adventure travel. On Jonathan’s Twitter account, you will find a lot of travel updates from domestic to international locations. If travel and adventure are a combination that draws your attention, then Jonathan Thompson’s Twitter handle should be a must-visit space for you.


Emily McNutt, CNN Underscored


What She Tweets About:

Tourism and travel, Sports


Why We Follow Her:

What are the essentials in a good travel backpack? Fret not! Emily McNutt’s Twitter feed will keep you updated with the list. She has formerly worked with The Points Guy, NYU Journalism, and Mizzou. She is currently the Senior Travel Editor with CNN Underscored and works with blogs related to tourism and travel around the globe. She is renowned in the travel sector for her rich experience with the top magazines in the market. Emily McNutt is a name you must add to your list if you are a Public Relations professional looking for the perfect person to showcase your tourism and travel brand on the leading sites. 


Lindsay Rogers, InsideHook


What She Tweets About:

Vacation Ideas, Travel Information, Tourism Guides


Why We Follow Her:

Lindsay Rogers is the assistant editor at Inside Hook – a space dedicated to people who want to elevate their cool vibes! Lindsay’s Twitter handle contains information about the best vacation spots, travel guides, and mental strategies to make the most out of your traveling experiences. Lindsay Roger’s Twitter handle will be your interactive social library if you need to know ‘How not to get travel-scammed?’ or ‘Why a solo travel plan is a great idea?’ 




The tourism and travel industry has several big and small names ready to work with talented and dynamic Public Relations professionals who can add value to their stories. As a PRos aspiring to make a successful career, staying updated with individuals who can help you reach a greater audience and boost marketing efforts is essential.

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