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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: Politics & News Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter - Politics & News Edition

It is clear that we are living through unprecedented social and political times. November 3rd marked one of the most irregular election cycles in modern history. Though election day is over, more is still to come. As the pandemic altered this election like never before, these following days hold anticipation for what is to unfold. Similar to media relations during COVID, the journalism world has been flipped upside down with a whole new paradigm of reporting. Now more than ever is it important to be informed on politics and news. Still, we understand that news feeds and headlines can be daunting and overwhelming. That is why we’ve compiled a list of 5 journalists to follow on Twitter: Politics & News edition. From informative articles to bite-sized updates, our picks will keep you informed and in the know.

Here are our picks:

Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

What she tweets about: 

Law, Politics, Courts, Justice 

Why we follow:

Zoe Tillman is a fantastic journalist looking at how the latest judicial and legislative actions affect society at large. As BuzzFeed News Senior Reporter, she covers the intersection of law and politics. Her feed is a prime log of the timely updates from places including the Supreme Court and Congress. In today’s time of stark changes to the courts and Congress, she is a prime resource to refer to.

Kyle Cheney, Politico

What he tweets about: 

Politics, Congress, News

Why we follow: 

Kyle is a reporter for Politico covering Congress. With previous experience covering the 2016 campaign, national politics, and healthcare, Kyle has a useful perspective on news as it develops. His Twitter feed disseminates valuable bits of information on evolving news from the Hill. In addition, he retweets other notable voices in this space to give you multiple perspectives and insights.

Seung Min Kim, Washington Post

What she tweets about: 

White House News, Trump, Politics

Why we follow:

Seung Min Kim serves as a White House reporter for the Washington Post with immediate access to the breaking changes in the Trump administration as well as the Hill. Not only is her feed a great source for political news, but she also retweets and shares others’ valuable reporting that is relevant to today’s social climate. Her feed also features fun and light-hearted journalism takes that are a breath of levity and fresh air.

Sahil Kapur, NBC News

What he tweets about: 

National News Politics

Why we follow:

Sahil Kapur is a reporter for NBC News covering the latest developments in the national political space. From the latest polling updates to emerging news stories, Sahil’s brief tweet format is ideal for those who want the facts, stats, and nothing more. His streamlined feed makes sure you get what you need to know simply and in a blink.

Jennifer Epstein, Bloomberg News

What she tweets about: 

Biden Campaign, Democrats, News & Politics

Why we follow: 

Jennifer Epstein is a political reporter for Bloomberg News who covers the 2020 Campaign as well as the latest happenings within the Democratic Party. She is a valuable source to understand the latest moves along Joe Biden’s campaign trail. From compelling articles to quick bits of breaking updates, you can count on Jennifer’s feed to have you covered. 


While our picks are fantastic sources for information and news, not all information out there is credible and trustworthy. To learn how to spot the difference, check out our blog, Identifying Misinformation and How Not to Perpetuate It. Lastly, no matter how things unfold over these next few months, it is important to recognize the journalists who grind day in and day out to keep us informed. We see you and thank you! 

Mathew Cruz

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