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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: Gift Guide Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter: Gift Guide Edition

With only ~40 days left until Black Friday, the time to start sharing your consumer products with journalists is NOW. A simple search for “gift guides” or “product reviews” can yield results you might be looking for, however, you will surely spend A LOT of time sifting through the who’s who.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite journalists who cover gift guides and ones you should absolutely have on your radar if you’re planning to pitch a product this year.

Read below for 5 journalists to follow on Twitter: Gift Guide Edition.


Jeff Dunn, Ars Technica

What he tweets about: 

Gaming, sports

Why we follow:
As the senior commerce editor at Ars Technica, Jeff, “oversees buying guides and deal coverage, reviews gadgets, and reports on consumer technology.” His articles cover products ranging from TVs and audio equipment to gaming consoles and, of course, gift guides! 

He has a personal blog he regularly tweets about called, “Jeff Reviews Games,” where he shares his opinions about games he loves or doesn’t. Jeff also loves sports and you can see his timeline is scattered with tweets about the English Premier League and the Boston Red Sox.


Dorie Chevlen, Wirecutter

What she tweets about: 

Los Angeles, life through humor

Why we follow:
Dorie is a staff writer for The New York Times’ Wirecutter. Her past articles have been published in outlets such as Slate and The Wall Street Journal. Currently, most of her articles are focused on everything from Amazon deals to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gift guides.

Her Twitter timeline is nothing short of extraordinary either. Enjoy her many tweets about life in LA, her recent articles, and the humorous life experiences she’s gone through. Trust us, you won’t regret following her!


Sarah Rense, Esquire

What she tweets about: 

Esquire news

Why we follow:
As the lifestyle editor for Esquire, Sarah Rense covers a diverse group of subjects including tech, food, drinks…and more. After scanning her recent articles, you can see just how diverse the products are that she writes about from weed grinders to home appliances.

While her timeline mainly consists of articles she and her colleagues have written for Esquire, it’s a great way to keep a pulse on the latest news from the publication and discover her thoughts and feeling on various topics.


Sarah Madaus, SELF Magazine

What she tweets about: 

Fashion, New York

Why we follow:
Sarah is a commerce writer for SELF Magazine and has been with the publication since November of 2019. One glance at her recent work and you can see gift guides are a thing of her specialty. From clothing to sneakers, to wellness products and Netflix shows, she covers a wide array of products for the magazine.

After scanning her timeline, you can see that she’s well versed in New York City culture and has a strong pulse on fashion. Her personality truly shines with witty comments and hilarious takes on the subjects above.


Joanna Nelius, Reviewed

What she tweets about: 

Technology, Katniss (her cat), books

Why we follow: 

Joanna recently joined Reviewed after a year-long stint with Gizmodo. As the senior editor of electronics, she specializes in PCs and gaming.

Her timeline is constantly changing on an hourly basis with breaking news, diagnosing her latest gaming console as well as troubleshooting computer problems, and the occasional update about her cat, Katniss.




There are dozens of journalists left off of this list who cover gift guides as well as product roundups. While many of them should have made the list, unfortunately, we found they aren’t as active on Twitter.

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Jered Martin

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