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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: Gender Equality Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter: Gender Equality Edition

Women and minority groups can face significant challenges when pursuing careers in technology, science, and engineering. Sexism is still an all-too-common part of so many industries and women must contend with a unique set of challenges to further their careers. Luckily, increasing numbers of reporters are committed to ensuring an egalitarian working environment for women of all backgrounds.

Moreover, it’s crucial to give the female movers and shakers of the journalism industry the credit they deserve and not to overlook their many accomplishments. However, it can be a challenge to figure out who the most trustworthy authorities are on the topic of gender equality, especially in a fast-moving field like journalism. 

Twitter is a great platform to hear directly from intelligent, independent thinkers on a variety of topics, including gender equality. That’s why we’d like to break down the five journalists you should follow to get the latest and most reliable information related to this important social issue:


Amy Bernstein, Harvard Business Review


What She Tweets About:

Female business leaders, management, and business development


Why We Follow Her:

Amy is not only an editor at Harvard Business Review (HBR) but also the host of the HBR Women at Work podcast. She frequently interviews some of the most influential and exciting female business leaders in the world who are making key decisions in the companies that will likely shape our future economy. 

Amy also participates in roundtable and panel discussions that address issues related to her passion for covering women in the workplace. On Amy’s Twitter feed, you will find regular retweets from female business leaders offering their perspectives on management, marketing, business development, and growth. 

A skilled moderator, Amy specializes in bringing together some of the most influential business minds in the world to shed a light on the challenges women face in the modern workplace and how they’re working to overcome them. 


Rebecca Greenfield, Bloomberg 


What She Tweets About:

Equal opportunity, wealth inequality, gender issues, and economic justice


Why We Follow Her:

Rebecca is a contributor for Bloomberg, where she writes articles focused on equal opportunity causes, social justice, and gender issues. She also hosts a podcast on Bloomberg called The Paycheck that covers the latest stories related to these important issues.

Recent episodes of The Paycheck covered the impact of cash payments for low-income families, and how COVID-19 pandemic responses have impacted young girls. She highlights different community projects designed to address a surge of teen pregnancies during the pandemic. 

Rebecca also covers issues that are immediately relevant to women on The Paycheck such as how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Also covered are childcare policies that impact working moms, and the larger economic forces that influence how childrearing influences women’s earning potential. 


Charisse Jones, USA Today


What She Tweets About:

Gender norms, politics, investment, culture, business, and economics


Why We Follow Her:

Charisse is a reporter for USA Today, where she covers stories that are directly related to gender equality and the challenges women face in the modern world. She reported on the controversial Supreme Court opinion related to Roe Vs. Wade and what it means for women around the country.

In general, Charisse focuses her reporting on unexplored stories related to economic opportunity, particularly for women and minority groups. For example, Charisse has written articles about how crypto investing has impacted minority communities and highlighted the need for other kinds of investments to build wealth for these groups.

Charisse has also done important reporting on recent rises in gas prices and the kinds of steps that women and minorities have taken to respond to these pressures. She is also covering how returns to the office are creating higher commuting costs that can have a substantial effect on low-income workers.


Case Parks, Washington Post


What She Tweets About:

Education, politics, social justice, gender, and family


Why We Follow Her:

Casey covers gender and family issues for The Washington Post and frequently covers stories about gender equality in a unique and insightful way. Most recently, Casey has reported extensively on the issue of abortion and its effect on women and families. She has written several articles that detail the political, cultural, and social divides that stoke the abortion debate around the country. 

Casey has also written about New Mexico’s recent childcare policy implementation and how it will impact women in that state. She discusses what this program could mean for the passing of future childcare legislation around the country. The New Mexico policy will mean that a family of four earning less than $111,000 will have access to free child care. Casey outlines why government officials in New Mexico believe that childcare access will significantly improve the lives of women in the state.

She also covers controversial cultural topics such as legislation related to transgender individuals, gender-affirming healthcare, and parental rights. These cultural issues often have implications for women’s equality.


Eliza Anyangwe, CNN


What She Tweets About:

Gender, equal pay, feminism, business, and innovation


Why We Follow Her:

Eliza covers complex issues like gender identity which are extremely relevant to women today. More broadly, she reports on women’s role in a wider social context. For example, she wrote a story that covered the opinions of Rinu Thomas regarding what happens when women reinhabit parts of society that have elements of institutionalized discrimination.  

Eliza also reports on how some women in leadership positions hold views that contradict feminism and equality. She covers the social viewpoints on issues related to women’s sexuality such as virginity. Eliza has written about how women’s sexuality relates to gender equality and women’s issues at large.

Eliza also does her fair share of international reporting, writing articles about topics that affect women in foreign countries such as Ethiopia. She also writes stories about women and minority entrepreneurs or innovators that are solving important problems in the world. On her Twitter feed, you’ll see that Eliza frequently shares other interesting content that relates to women’s equality. 




This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to journalists covering women’s issues. There is an abundance of independent thinkers that are addressing some of the most pressing challenges that women face today. That said, these five accounts are worth following for anyone that cares about gender equality. For those interested in learning about gender representation in venture capital, check out these VC journalists, and if you’d like to learn about health and wellness topics related to women, check out what these reporters have to say.

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