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5 FinTech Journalists To Follow On Twitter

5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: FinTech Edition

Money and finance are tough topics to follow. With financial tech innovations, market fluctuations, and new government regulations every day, it can be hard to keep up. That is why we compiled a list of 5 rockstar Fin Tech journalists to follow on Twitter to help keep you in the know, especially during these uncertain financial times. Reporting for Forbes, USA Today, MarketWatch, Fortune, and Bloomberg Law, these 5 journalists will keep you covered!

Jeff Kauflin, Forbes

What he tweets about: 

Fintech, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Investing

Why we follow:
Jeff Kauflin is a New York-based staff reporter for Forbes. Whether it is big changes in the market to insights from key financial experts, Jeff is your guy to get you what you need to know when you need it. His feed is filled with interesting market articles and retweeted commentary by other notable voices in the space.

Kelly Tyko, USA Today

What she tweets about: 

Bargains and freebies, Business, and Consumer tech

Why we follow:

Kelly Tyko writes for USA Today as a Money NOW reporter and business journalist based out of Stuart, Florida. Her feed is filled with useful and informative retweets and shares of business news important to the everyday consumer. Be sure to check out her feed for great consumer-focused content!

Tomi Kilgore, MarketWatch

What he tweets about: 

Investing, Stocks, Corporations, and Finance

Why we follow: 

Tomi Kilgore serves as the Deputy Investing and Corporate News Editor for MarketWatch. Aside from his love for the Broncos and soccer, this SoCal native turned New York reporter uses his love for charts to cover the happening of various companies and stocks. His feed is sure to keep you informed on the market changes of the movers and shakers of many different industries. 

Jeff Roberts, Fortune

What he tweets about: 

Business, Tech, Finance, and Cryptocurrency.

Why we follow: 

Jeff Roberts is all about the interconnection of tech, law, and culture. His work at Fortune covers the latest in finance and FinTech news. His feed is comprised of interesting articles he curates along with his insight and commentary. For a fresh new perspective on business, the economy, and finance, be sure to give him a follow!

Lydia Beyoud, Bloomberg Law

What she tweets about: 

Fintech, FinReg, and Cryptocurrency

Why we follow: 

This Washington D.C. based reporter for Bloomberg Law is here to give you the latest on financial news and the implications behind them. Aside from tweeting her real-time coverage of financial regulation news, Lydia Beyoud is constantly retweeting other insightful industry scoops, updates, and insights. For finance news with a legal perspective, be sure to check her out!


While you’re logged on Twitter to start following our 5 great picks, be sure to check out our new bi-monthly Twitter Chat: Twitter with a Journalist (#TWJ)! Submit your questions HERE and we will pick a few to get answered by some of the leading journalists in the game!

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