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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter, February 2020

5 Journalists: Dieter Bohn, Jaime Feltham, Marshall Honorof, Kate Fazzini, Joseph Cox

Twitter is an excellent platform for journalists to express their own opinions, interests, and perspectives. In fact, journalists are the most active group of users on Twitter, and you are left to try to navigate it all by yourself. Cut through millions of topics, thousands of journalists, and hundreds of publications. 

On deck are five great journalists from a variety of topics, including VR, gaming, and robotics. With no further adieu, here is our February recommendation for the five journalists you should give a follow, or a retweet, or shoutout. 

Dieter Bohn, The Verge

What he tweets about:
Tech Gadgets

Why we follow:
Dieter Bohn is the Executive Editor of The Verge. His twitter if full of commentary on his favorite tech gadgets, and typos that are intentional jokes, obviously! He’s an excellent journalist to follow for his opinion on tech gadgets like Macbook Pros or the Google Pixel. His wife, however, is employed by Oculus, so you won’t find him tweeting on Facebook or competing VR products. Everything else is up for grabs!

Marshall Honorof, Tom’s Guide

What he tweets about: 
Gaming, streaming, online security

Why we follow:
Marshall Honorof is your geeky friend who is always on call, and his twitter is hilarious. Mixed in with the latest gaming software, you will find memes about classic sci-fi. He claims that all opinions are “beamed directly from space.” When Marshall is not on the clock with Tom’s Guide, you can find him practicing taekwondo as an ITF black belt. Give him a follow if you yourself are a little geeky, love tech, and adore science fiction.

Kate Fazzini, CNBC 

What she tweets about: 

Why we follow: 
We love following CNBC reporter, Kate Fazzini. She covers all things cybersecurity, from the largest tech breach news to personal tips on how to stay safe online. All in all, whether you are looking to stay informed or surf the web safely, she has you covered. Zoom on over to her twitter and give her a follow. 

Joseph Cox, Motherboard

What he tweets about: 
Crime and Justice, Technology

Why we follow: 
Joseph Cox is our go-to for anything hacking and crime-related technology news. Online security is a big topic these days, and unauthorized activity happens every day. We feel better staying in the know with Joseph, and we think you will too.

Jamie Feltham, UploadVR 

What he tweets about: 

Why we follow: 
Jamie Feltham is the Senior Editor for UploadVR and host of the VR showcase, so if you don’t like VR, it’s best not to follow. However, we follow him for three big reasons: VR, Pearl Jam, and Spider-Man. In fact, if you follow the hashtag, #HolidayVR then this the right journalist for you. Give our friend from across the pond a follow!


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