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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: Enterprise Tech Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter: Enterprise Tech Edition

Enterprise technology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy, and investors around the world are excited about the lucrative opportunities that many of these disruptive technologies represent. However, marketing these complex technologies and sophisticated software comprehensible can often be a challenge. 

Creating PR campaigns that objectively and compellingly outline the unique selling proposition of complex software to consumers is very difficult. As consumers, finding trusted sources of tech trends and emerging products is not straightforward in today’s chaotic information economy. 

Since finding reliable tech journalists that cover the latest developments in enterprise technology is important and challenging for consumers and PR professionals alike, let’s look at five journalists that are thought leaders in the world of enterprise technology. Before you start pitching these journalists, be sure to learn more PR tips directly from journalists on our Pitch Tips series on YouTube that highlights exactly what journalists want PR professionals to know.


Jordan Novet, CNBC

What He Tweets About:

High-tech trends, large tech companies, cloud infrastructure, AI

Why We Follow:

Jordan reports on some of the most important news and trends in big tech. For example, he recently posted a story about the vast sums of cash Apple is paying Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their cloud hosting services. The piece also details the investments Apple is currently making to build its own cloud infrastructure. Jordan talks about the fact that these investments show how important it is for Apple to deliver on their cloud services such as iCloud quickly and reliably. 

For PR professionals, Jordan is a terrific source of information related to the enterprise tech ecosystem and, like all good reporters, is on the lookout for new scoops and stories. PR professionals should consider following Jordan to stay in the loop when it comes to cloud infrastructure and AI, particularly if they are representing clients in those industries.

Consumers will benefit from Jordan’s balanced, clear-headed coverage of enterprise technology and be able to develop greater tech literacy that will help them understand the industry and inform future buying decisions.


Rosalie Chan, Insider

What She Tweets About:

Emerging tech and how it relates to businesses within the US, executives in tech

Why We Follow:

Rosalie is a terrific source of information about emerging technologies in Asia and how these new products could influence American consumers and businesses. Rosalie herself has experience in software engineering, making her the perfect person to break down the inner workings of sophisticated tech products and their implications for the industry. She studied both computer science and journalism in college, giving her the perfect set of skills to make complicated technical concepts easy to understand. 

Rosalie takes an objective, impartial, multidisciplinary view on enterprise technology that both consumers and PR professionals will find compelling. She has consistently done quality reporting on cloud infrastructure, DevOps, open-source software, coding bootcamps, and developer culture.


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Tom Krazit, Protocol

What He Tweets About:

“Tech that runs the world,” CIOs, cloud infrastructure

Why We Follow:

As an enterprise editor, Tom is at the forefront of some of the most modern enterprise technologies. That includes cybersecurity at cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services and the unique value propositions of new SaaS companies. 

Tom also covers stories related to hardware manufacturing, such as Intel’s chip-making factory in Oregon. He is also a great source when it comes to understanding the day-to-day responsibilities of enterprise developers and the many challenges they face.

For PR professionals, Tom can offer a unique peek into the world of enterprise software development and management. Tom and the newsroom at Protocol seem open to cover stories from enterprise software experts that can help better inform their audience. 

Enterprise developers might also be interested in hearing his unique take on the industry and keep their fingers on the pulse of the newest tech in the space.


Aaron Tilley, WSJ

What He Tweets About:

Earnings, product updates, mergers, and acquisitions at large tech companies like Microsoft

Why We Follow:

Aaron offers unique insights into the financial situation of high-tech companies that are innovating in their industry. One example would be his tweet that details the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft and how it fits into Microsoft’s long-term growth strategy. He has also spoken about why this particular acquisition could face significant antitrust inquiries.

Aaron also sheds light on some of the latest news related to top talent in AR and VR, detailing, for example, a recent move of Microsoft AR developers to Facebook’s parent company Meta.  He has the ability to offer PR professionals, investors, and consumers perspectives on the business strategies behind some of the leading enterprise technology companies.


Kyle Alspach, VentureBeat

What He Tweets About:

Initiatives and priorities of cloud computing companies

Why We Follow:

Kyle is a terrific person to follow for up-to-date information regarding enterprise security technologies. He also offers illuminating commentary about how new technologies such as the metaverse will shape our day-to-day lives in the not too distant future that PR professionals and tech enthusiasts will find fascinating. 

Kyle also has extensive experience in business journalism, having written for the Boston Globe, CRN, and the Boston Business Journal in the past. He sheds light on the security products that consumers value most and is a terrific person for anyone involved with cybersecurity or tech to get to know.




In conclusion, it’s easy to see that there are a great many voices that are pivotal to the enterprise technology ecosystem. These five journalists represent some of the most authoritative, influential, and trustworthy reporters in the space. You should seriously consider following each of them to gain valuable experience and connections in the world of enterprise tech. 

If you’re looking to find more journalists to build out your media lists, check out our assortment of 5 journalist blogs on The TypeBar. Also, be sure to view our pitch templates, which provide you with checklists to review before sending out your next pitches.

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