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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: EdTech Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter - EdTech Edition

School is in session. As coronavirus changes how we go about our daily lives, we are seeing technology shift to overcome these challenges. No traditional institution has seen such a drastic change than the classroom. The term “Zoom University” has been coined to portray education’s shift to online learning, and Zoom is not alone. Many innovations in technology are being used and adapted to reshape what modern education looks like. We compiled a list of journalists and experts in the EdTech space who are following these evolutions as they shape the future of learning!

Check out our picks for journalists from EdSurge, Class Tech Tips, Kleinspiration, Hacked Education, and Getting Smart:

Tony Wan, EdSurge

What he tweets about:

EdTech, Coding, and Startups

Why we follow:
Tony wan serves as EdSurge’s Managing Editor and writes about the latest educational industry news including edtech startup announcements and cultural shifts in the space. On Twitter, Tony shares informative articles about tech’s impact on education as well as the opinions of those affected by them. Follow Tony for a refreshing take on EdTech!

Monica Burns, Ed.D., Class Tech Tips

What she tweets about: 

EdTech, Teaching, and Education

Why we follow:

Monica’s Twitter bio says it best, her feed is there to “help make #EdTech easier”. Her feed is filled with useful articles and thought pieces from a grassroots perspective about technology’s impact on teachers. In addition to her own helpful content, she is often sharing other valuable articles from those in her field. Be sure to follow Monica for a clear-cut run down on all things edtech. 

Erin Klein, Kleinspiration

What she tweets about: 

EdTech, Educational Design, and Teaching

Why we follow: 

Erin Klein in a full-time teacher and edtech blogger who is passionate about the integration of technology into curriculum. Her feed includes resources and articles about educational tech tools as well as “Kleinspiration” tweets to promote and celebrate the efforts of educators. Follow her for honest and dynamic insights into how technology is altering the teaching landscape and culture.

Audrey Watters, Hack Education

What she tweets about:

Education, Technology, and News

Why we follow: 

Audrey Watter is an educational writer and creator of Hack Education, a blog covering the history and future of education. Audrey’s feed covers the various avenues of edtech and their impacts on students and teaching. She not only shares valuable industry articles but also articles discussing the cultural effects of these changes in education. For candid and refreshing takes on edtech, with the occasional dog picture, follow Audrey to stay in the loop. 

Tom Vander Ark, Getting Smart

What he tweets about: 

 AI, EdTech, Personalized learning,

Why we follow: 

Tom Vander Ark is CEO of Getting Smart and his “passion about innovation in learning” is clear in his feed. His twitter is filled with articles of dynamic perspectives on education, from digestible edtech tips to analyses on education’s future practices. Be sure to give him a follow for rich updates on the vast future of learning and tech.


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