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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: E-Commerce Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter: E-Commerce Edition

Over the last few decades, technology has redefined commerce and how we shop, ship, and buy products. With the advent of the internet, it has never been easier to facilitate sales as any business can reach customers continents apart. Additionally, coronavirus has made e-commerce not only the fastest way to buy goods, but also one of the safest. During our Coffee with a Journalist podcast conversation with Eugene Kim, Business Insider Chief Correspondent, he noted that “because of COVID, a lot more people are shopping online, and there’s huge readership demand about e-commerce in general.”

As technology advances and our society adjusts to the new normal, many companies are having to find their footing as well as take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior. We’ve compiled a list of 5 Journalists to follow on Twitter covering e-commerce, retail, and the changing landscape of shopping.

Here are our picks:

Eugene Kim, Business Insider

What he tweets about: 

Amazon, e-commerce, and retail

Why we follow: 

Eugene is a Chief Correspondent at Business Insider. Aside from being a great guest on our podcast, Eugene is your go-to guy for all things Amazon, the largest e-commerce search engine. Covering the latest updates around the tech-goliath, Eugene analyzes and translates Amazon’s business moves and its impact on the larger e-commerce space. In addition to his Amazon coverage, his feed includes highlights and stories around his favorite sports such as golf, soccer, and basketball.

Tonya Garcia, MarketWatch

What she tweets about: 

E-commerce, retail, and consumer companies

Why we follow:
Tonya is a news editor and reporter for MarketWatch. She covers retail and consumer companies. Her feed is filled with e-commerce stories about e-commerce’s impact on a range of topics from politics and culture to sports and retail. Be sure to follow Tonya for the latest updates on online shopping trends, consumer stories, and more!

Dave Lee, Financial Times

What he tweets about: 

E-commerce, Amazon, Uber, and the gig/shared economy

Why we follow:
Dave Lee is a San Francisco-based tech correspondent for the Financial Times. He covers stories on e-commerce, Amazon, and the gig and shared economy. His feed features a mix of the latest e-commerce news and developments from tech players like Uber and Amazon along with his takes and insight. For e-commerce news with a refreshing dose of gif humor, be sure to shoot Dave a follow.

Phil Wahba, Fortune Magazine

What he tweets about: 

Retail, e-commerce, and industry trends

Why we follow: 

Phil Wahba is a Senior Writer for Fortune Magazine covering retail and all it encompasses. His work covers the latest e-commerce trends, their impacts on traditional retailers, and the larger sociopolitical consequences of big retail players. Much of his coverage is surrounding retailers’ actions to combat online shopping and COVID-19. Between his shares and retweets of industry news, enjoy a feed with Phil’s snapshots of his New York City life.

Sarah Nassauer, Wall Street Journal

What she tweets about: 

Large retailers, e-commerce, and consumer trends

Why we follow:
Sarah Nassauer is a Retail Reporter at the Wall Street Journal covering e-commerce, shopping, and industry trends. Her retail coverage follows some of the leading retailers including Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot. In addition to sharing her pieces on her feed, Sarah retweets other great reporters and their articles about company news, consumer shifts, and more. Follow Sarah to stay in the know while also being introduced to other great reporters and journalists in the retail and e-commerce space.

It is clear that e-commerce is the present and future of how we shop. Whether it is a large tech-giant such as Amazon, or a small scrappy start-up gearing to take the industry by storm, these dynamic times will lay the ground for those changes to become the new normal. 


Be sure to follow our picks for 5 Journalists to follow on Twitter: E-Commerce Edition to stay in the know. For more in-depth conversations with great journalists like Eugene, subscribe to our podcast, Coffee with a Journalist, where we talk with new journalists each week about their beats, how they craft their stories, and their thoughts on pitches and PR pros.

To start, listen to Eugene Kim’s episode with host, Beck Bamberger, talking about his process of building relationships through interviews, using data and reports to find story inspiration, and more! Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest PR resources, podcast episodes, and blog releases.

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