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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: Crypto Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter- Crypto Edition

Cryptocurrency has been the buzzword in the fintech space, and rightly so, given its potential. However, it is still in the nascent stages of development, and the true potential of cryptocurrencies is yet to be known.

Cryptocurrency can be explained as a digital asset designed to be used as a medium of exchange using a network of the highly decentralized ledger. Blockchain technology has been at the core of cryptocurrencies. It is a type of digital ledger that stores information of high economic value, which is distributed across a computer network.

Tracking Crypto Development

Bitcoin was the harbinger of the crypto revolution way back in 2008, and over the past decade, there have been many new players in the crypto space. There are over 5000 cryptocurrencies worldwide today. Keeping track of new cryptocurrencies and developments in this space can be challenging. The biggest challenge is obtaining information from a reliable source that is highly credible.

Social media is the most significant knowledge hub in the contemporary for these updates. Microblogging and social network website Twitter is among the most credible sources to obtain cryptocurrency information.

Let’s explore some of the most credible cryptocurrency journalists you can follow on Twitter to get the relevant and latest information on cryptocurrencies:


Olga Kharif, Bloomberg

What he tweets about

Technology with a focus on crypto and the blockchains

Why we follow

Olga is a technology reporter for Bloomberg/Businessweek and covers a wide range of topics related to crypto and bitcoin. She covers some of the biggest and newest names in the crypto space, including Coinbase, BlockTower, and others. She also has written about other topics including acquisitions & deals, technology surrounding crypto, and rising digital markets. Stories around gaming are also weaved into her writings as she covers top companies like GameStop, Zynga, and others. Her Twitter includes the latest crypto news and trends, as well as gaming and market trends.


Nathaniel Popper, New York Times

What he tweets about

Cryptocurrency, FinTech, Digital gold 

Why we follow

Nathaniel is one of the most reputed and popular cryptocurrency reporters who religiously covers Fintech and cryptocurrency developments. He is currently working with the New York Times, covering the finance and technology segment for the publication giant. Also, he is the author of one of the most popular books on blockchain and cryptocurrency, named ‘Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money.’ It takes a comprehensive approach to educate the readers on the evolution of Bitcoin and its exponential rise.


Michael Del Castillo, Forbes

What he tweets about

Blockchain, business, finance

Why we follow

Michael Del Castillo is one of the associate editors at Forbes, where he covers topics including Blockchain Applications, Cryptocurrencies, etc. Moreover, his writing excerpts have also been published in renowned magazines such as the New Yorker, Coindesk, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Yahoo Finance, New York Business Journal, etc.

In addition to Bitcoin, Michael also covers the rise of non-crypto currency blockchain and its application across various industries. One of Michael’s popular work focuses on whether blockchain technology can reinvigorate Detroit’s long-struggling auto industry gives a rich insight into these new and emerging technologies.


Camila Russo, Defiant

What she tweets about

Ethereum, Blockchain, Finance

Why we follow

Camila Russo is an independent financial journalist who has experience across multiple continents and financial asset classes, including cryptocurrencies. Camila Russo is the author of The Infinite Machine, a book covering the history and rise of Ethereum. The book was recently published in July 2020 by HarperCollins. She is also the CEO and founder of Defiant, an information platform that focuses on decentralized finance. Having worked at Bloomberg as a finance journalist for eight years also adds to her credibility.


Paul Vigna, The Wall Street Journal 

What he tweets about

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, finance

Why we follow

Paul Vigna is currently working with The Wall Street Journal as a markets reporter, where he covers equity asset class and the economy in general. He is also the leading writer at the MoneyBeat blog and anchor at the Daily. He is among those cryptocurrency editors and journalists that started covering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies early in the process (as soon as 2013).

Vigna is one of the most credible journalists for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related news. He is also the author of three popular books in the same niche titled The Truth Machine, The Age of Cryptocurrency, and Guts. Besides, he has been featured in two popular documentaries related to cryptocurrencies, including ‘Banking on Bitcoin’ and ‘Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It.’




Cryptocurrencies are shaping the future of economic transactions by making the system more transparent and less prone to corruption and other malpractices. You must get your news from reliable sources who are also highly credible and have experience in the cryptocurrency field. The above-mentioned cryptocurrency journalists are among the best in the industry who provide comprehensive coverage and the latest updates regarding blockchain and crypto-assets.

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