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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: Consumer Health Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter: Consumer Health Edition

Consumer and Public health is a significant concern in the country today. While there are so many products and services that consumers use and enjoy, they need to be aware of public health hazards and find credible information about how to choose the best products on the market. 

Consumer health encompasses individuals’ decisions concerning their purchases and use of health and health-related products and services. These products directly or indirectly affect their health and, ultimately, the health of their surroundings. From diet, information, work-life balance, and lifestyle choices, many factors shape an individual’s mental and physical health. 

As a PR professional, it is an excellent decision to search for journalists who will help to highlight some of the most unique and valuable aspects of your client’s products. Journalists who cover the consumer health sector play a crucial role in bridging the gap between good products and potential consumers looking for ways to enhance their physical and mental health. Public relations professionals are set to pitch their products to these journalists as Mental Health Awareness Month is right around the corner. So take advantage of this opportunity while it’s out there. 

But where to begin this search? How about right here? We have simplified the task for you.

In this article, we have formulated a list of five journalists on Twitter that address consumer health. These journalists come with a dependable background and work with the big shots of the news and information industry. As a PR professional, if you have wondered where to pitch your products for maximum reach from credible personalities, this article is for you. 

Find out who these journalists are, what they post about, and why we follow them:


Andrea Petersen, The Wall Street Journal

What She Tweets About:

Consumer Health, Social Awareness, Mental Health

Why We Follow:

Andrea Peterson is a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and the writer of the book – On Edge: The Journey through Anxiety. Similar to the theme of her book, her Twitter account has a fair share of information about mental health. She posts about products, studies, and experiences that help people understand mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Her account serves as a safe space to gather information about mental well-being from reliable sources.

Andrea’s Twitter handle is also a go-to site to stay updated with the latest in the consumer health sector. She covers all aspects of the industry, from products and laws to the latest news and research related to consumer health. She also posts about social awareness for teenage mental health, suicides awareness, and harmful addictions.


Yuki Noguchi, NPR

What She Tweets About:

Consumer Health, Business, Economic News

Why We Follow:

Yuki Noguchi has a very active Twitter account where she posts about business, economic News, and consumer health. Her account also focuses on workplace culture, from its business perspectives to employee health and security across the industry. 

Being a correspondent on NPR’s Science Desk in Washington D.C., she has been active in covering consumer health amidst the pandemic. Since then, she has been reporting and posting valuable information about vaccines, the healthcare structure, and cancer care. She has also addressed the racial disparity in healthcare facilities and spread awareness about mental health in different age groups.


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Allyson Chiu, The Washington Post

What She Tweets About:

Wellness, Consumer Health, Global News, Fitness and Health

Why We Follow:

Allyson Chiu is a reporter for The Washington Post and covers topics related to wellness. She posts about daily fitness, physical wellness, and mental health. She has recently been active in posting about the prejudice faced by Ukrainian immigrants and global news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Her Twitter account mixes many worlds, allowing readers to drop by for enriching and exciting updates. 

A journalism major, Allyson has worked with The Post’s morning mix team, South China Morning Post, and the Pacific Daily News. She was pretty active in covering national and global updates about Covid during the pandemic. Her account shares prompt information about Covid-19 vaccines. She also posts research and studies to help the audience understand the current world and make mindful decisions about their health and well-being.


Christina Caron, The New York Times

What She Tweets About:

Mental Health, Consumer Health, Wellness, Health and Culture

Why We Follow:

Christina Caron covers the Well Section for the New York Times. The reporter has a comprehensive take on mental health, exploring the dynamics between culture and healthcare. Her Twitter handle is a rich repository with links to informative articles about mental health. 

Christina was previously a parenting reporter and copy editor at The Times. Her dedication to healthcare is visible in her posts covering studies, news, and updates related to national and global healthcare. She has also worked as a clinical research coordinator at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.


Hilary Brueck, Insider

What She Tweets About:

Health, Wellness, Consumer Health

Why We Follow:

Hilary Brueck is the Health Correspondent at Insider and covers all things Public Health. Her Twitter account reflects her work and interest in consumer health awareness. She has been active in posting updates, nutrition, wellness throughout the pandemic, and vaccines. She also posts about physical fitness. 

Hilary Brueck’s Twitter handle has excellent information about mental health and her findings around the health sector. From spreading awareness about chemicals in our food to the climate crisis and global leaders, she does her part in keeping her audience up-to-date.




The consumer health sector has many more journalists who have not made it to this list. While they are great at their job and have remarkable contributions in the consumer health sector, some of them are unfortunately not very active on Twitter. But the ones added to this list can help you transform your social media game. So make sure you don’t go unnoticed by these outstanding journalists that focus on consumer health.

Whether you are conducting a PR campaign through earned media outlets or newsletters, a good pitch and good product can help you succeed in any consumer product market.

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