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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: B2C Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter - B2C Edition

Every day, we receive breaking news about companies and their impact on the world. From the release of the latest and greatest iPhone to the shifts in consumer behavior caused by the “Amazon Effect,” journalists are keeping us updated on important B2C news and happenings. In our previous “5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter” article, we compiled a list of 5 E-Commerce journalists. This month, we decided to craft a list of 5 journalists to follow on Twitter: B2C edition to keep you informed on the actions of businesses and their effects on our lives as consumers.

Here are our picks:

David Carnoy, CNET

What he tweets about: 

Consumer Tech, Gadgets, and Reviews

Why we follow: 

Kicking off our list is David Carnoy, executive editor at CNET and leading member of CNET’s Reviews team. Whether it is about the latest phones, earbuds, or tech accessories, David’s feed has you covered with gadget roundups and reviews. In a time where tech innovation is rapid, his feed shares the latest gadgets by Apple, Microsoft, and more that are changing the lives of consumers.

Listen to our conversation with David on the “Coffee with a Journalist” podcast where he talks about the stories he looks to write, pitches he ignores, and more.

Yael Grauer, Consumer Reports

What she tweets about: 

Consumer Tech, Privacy, and Safety

Why we follow:

Yael Grauer is an investigative tech reporter for Consumer Reports covering digital privacy and security. Sharing articles by her and other great journalists, her feed is filled with stories surrounding tech privacy and how consumers are affected. In addition, her tweets include interesting takes on the latest conversations in her space. Be sure to follow her for insights into consumer privacy in the modern age.

Ben Popken, NBC News

What he tweets about: 

Business, Technology, and Consumer News

Why we follow:

Ben Popken is a senior business reporter for NBC News covering the impacts of tech, COVID-19, and markets on businesses and consumers. Ben is active on Twitter sharing relevant articles and short takes on the latest business and consumer news stories. Follow Ben for quick and insightful B2C reporting to freshen up your feed.

Macy Cate Williams, PopSugar

What she tweets about: 

Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, and Home Products

Why we follow: 

Macy Cate Williams is a senior editor for PopSugar Shop, covering all things fashion, beauty, fitness, and home. In a shift from our other previous picks, Macy covers reviews and roundups around consumer goods and fashion. Her Twitter feed is filled with the best deals, items, and businesses for consumers to shop from. If you are looking for a fashion-forward journalist to liven up your feed, Macy is your woman.

Hear about how Macy manages pitches, organizes stories, and more in our podcast conversation, Coffee with a Journalist: Macy Williams, PopSugar.

Nathaniel Meyersohn, CNN Business

What he tweets about: 

Retailers, Grocery Stores, and Consumer Trends

Why we follow:

Nathaniel Meyersohn is a retail reporter at CNN Business covering the retail industry’s trends, breaking news, and more. His Twitter feed shares valuable articles about some of the largest consumer retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. Whether he is retweeting an interesting story about the shifts in business efforts or how consumers are impacted, Nathaniel is sure to give you the key points so you can stay informed and carry on with your day.


Journalism around B2C relationships is essential in keeping consumers informed and businesses accountable. For PR professionals with B2C clients, maintaining media relations with great journalists like our picks can be difficult amidst a pandemic. Learn more about how to maintain these relationships in our article, PR 101: Media Relations During COVID. Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to say updated on all of OnePitch’s latest tips, insights, and resources.

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