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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: B2B Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter - B2B Edition

B2B companies make the world go round. In a previous “5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter” article, we broke down 5 journalists reporting B2C coverage. While B2C companies are what everyday consumers interact with, it is often understated the importance of B2B companies and those who report on them. Thanks to B2B journalists, we are able to pull back the curtain and gain insight into the invisible hands affecting us down the road. This month, we are diving into our list of 5 journalists to follow on Twitter: B2B edition.

Here are our picks:

Emily Canal, Insider

What she tweets about: 

Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Strategy

Why we follow: 

Emily Canal serves as a Senior Reporter covering entrepreneurship at Insider. Emily’s Twitter feed is centered around sharing articles that help the entrepreneurs gain insight to implement into their own businesses. From ways small businesses can learn from each other to the government actions affecting business operations, Emily is there to share information that better helps business owners survive and thrive.


Jason Del Rey, Recode

What he tweets about: 

Amazon, Walmart, and E-Commerce

Why we follow:

Jason Del Rey is a Senior Correspondent covering all forms of commerce at Recode. Much of his reporting centers around how technology is changing traditional retail as well as the industry impacts of e-commerce giants including Amazon and Walmart. His Twitter feed is a mix of shared articles around the evolving e-commerce industry as well as his own insights and perspective on other notable conversations in the Twittersphere. Join the over 38 thousand followers who look to Jason for great insights on all things Amazon and beyond.


Mary Ann Azevedo, TechCrunch

What she tweets about: 

Funding, Venture Capital, and Acquisitions

Why we follow:

Mary Ann Azevedo is a Senior Reporter at TechCrunch covering business funding, venture capital, and acquisitions. Follow Mary Ann for the latest on the leading stories around funding announcements by the business of the future. Gain insights into the businesses fueling other businesses and what this means for the industry at large. You can always rely on Mary Ann’s feed to give you the need-to-know facts, interesting articles, and her own insights and perspectives.


Bill Peters, Investor’s Business Daily

What he tweets about: 

Stocks, Trends, and Business Finance

Why we follow: 

Bill Peters is a Reporter for Investor’s Business Daily covering the latest stories and features around the financial world, from financial trends to the shifts in the stock market. Whether you are interested in emerging markets around NFTs or want to follow the news around big banks, Bill is always sharing his own articles, as well as other articles from great journalists in that space. Be sure to follow Bill for stock trend updates and business insights at a glance.


Crystal Tse, Bloomberg News

What she tweets about: 

Business Deals, Acquisitions, and Funding

Why we follow:

Crystal Tse is a Deals Reporter for Bloomberg News. Her coverage surrounds IPOs, consumer and private equity deals, and more. Her Twitter feed covers the news around the biggest business transactions and the talks around future deals to be expected. Follow Crystal for the latest updates on the partnerships, acquisitions, and sales that are changing landscapes and the businesses that operate within them.


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