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5 Tech Journalists to Follow on Twitter: AI Edition

AI Tech Journalists On Twitter

With Emtech 2020, the annual conference highlighting the latest developments and innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) hosted by MIT Technology Review Magazine, just around the corner, we thought we would take this month’s 5 Journalists blog to feature some of our favorite tech journalists to follow on Twitter. 

Check out our picks for journalists from Forbes, ZDNet, Wired, Adweek, and Vox, who will refresh your feed and keep you in the know for all things AI from Forbes to Vox. 

Mark Minevich, Forbes

What he tweets about: 


Why we follow:

As the founder and Co-Chair of the World Artificial Intelligence Organization, one might say Mark knows a thing or two about AI. In addition to promoting his contributions to the AI discourse featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, The Observer, and Entrepreneur, his feed is filled with retweets of other great AI coverage from publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review. Mark is a great feed to follow for article recommendations and industry updates.

Joe McKendrick, ZDNet

What he tweets about: 

AI and Tech

Why we follow: 

Though Joe makes our list for AI journalists, he covers so much more. This self-proclaimed “army-brat” fills his feed with not only commentary regarding the latest AI happenings but also the latest in tech and its effect on consumers and their everyday lives. If you are looking for a perspective that is a balance of “optimism & skepticism” Joe is your guy.

Will Knight, WIRED

What he tweets about: 


Why we follow:

This senior writer for Wired has a solid track record of covering the AI environment. Before his work at Wired, he was Senior Editor at MIT Technology Review covering the developments of AI and China’s explosive AI Adoption. His twitter feed is a great source of commentary and digestible info bites that keep you updated all with a little wit. 

Patrick Kulp, Adweek

What he tweets about: 

AI and Emerging Tech

Why we follow:

If you enjoy a daily dose of Twitter tech bites, Patrick is your guy. This tech reporter covers all types of emerging and innovative tech, from the latest AI developments to the 5G takeover. His coverage and tweets cover interesting consumer applications of AI and tech, from AI-written ad copy to AI apps entering the marketplace.

Rebecca Heilweil, Vox

What she tweets about: 

AI, Algorithms, and Automation

Why we follow: 

As a reporter for Recode by Vox, Rebecca covers AI and other tech surrounding our everyday lives. Her feed covers the latest AI news, as well as other news about other tech industry news set to impact and change how we operate. From politics to social trends, Rebecca looks is all about looking to see how these tech advancements change and impact the bigger picture.


Interested in other great journalists covering tech outside of AI? Check out our last bog in our 5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter series featuring five great tech journalists to follow on Twitter from a variety of topics, including VR, gaming, and robotics!

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