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5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter: AdTech Edition

5 Journalists To Follow On Twitter: AdTech Edition

The advertising field is changing faster than it ever has in history. The Mad Men era in which powerful ad executives had to rely on intuition when determining marketing messaging are now long gone. Advertisers today have a wealth of data at their disposal when crafting ads, advising companies, and positioning brands. 

In addition, marketing and advertising technologies, or AdTech, has supercharged marketers’ ability to reach target audiences, A/B test marketing campaigns, and microtarget specific individuals. New advertising technologies are rapidly being built and marketed. As a result, it can be challenging for many people to stay on top of the latest AdTech tools in the industry. 

One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in advertising technology is to follow reliable journalists who are immersed in all things advertising. While their main focuses may be across the advertising spectrum, here are a few journalists who are interested in this sphere and some of the technology behind it:  


Lauren Johnson, Insider

What She Tweets About:

Lauren covers the advertising beat for Business Insider and, aside from tweeting out her thoughtful stories, she also conveys some of the latest and breaking trends in the AdTech industry. That includes covering mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs of the most AdTech trends in the world.

Lauren also outlines the most recent leanings of major advertisers. For example, she recently tweeted an article about how many advertisers are turning to new platforms like TikTok over industry giants like Facebook. 

She also covers the decisions of management teams in tech startups, such as a recent round of layoffs in many tech companies. 


Why We Follow Her:

Lauren does a terrific job of covering the current and emerging business models behind digital media companies. 

In particular, she highlights how new companies are shaking up stagnant business strategies. She has a solid background as a reputed journalist who reported for AdWeek and Mobile Marketer before moving to Insider.


Ryan Barwick, Morning Brew

What He Tweets About:

Ryan is a technology reporter that puts a particular emphasis on the internet and tech freedom. He also reports on obscure trends in tech. For example, a recent piece he wrote for Morning Brew discussed why Yahoo recently received an influx of traffic from piracy and pornography websites.

Ryan’s reporting delves deep into technical trends and how they influence individuals’ digital freedoms. He also has a knack for digging up comical happenings in internet culture, such as the recent move by online music company Limewire to embrace NFTs in their marketing efforts. 

Many of Ryan’s stories and tweets cover large-scale tech trends such as the Web 3 movement, which advocates for the decentralization of the internet through the integration of blockchain technologies.


Why We Follow Him:

Ryan is a great follow not just because of his irreverent reporting, but also because of his deep knowledge of the AdTech industry. His tech-savvy background allows him to develop a unique take on some of the most important trends in MarTech. 

In his own words, Ryan is the kind of reporter who not only enjoys offering insights but also asking questions. Following Ryan can allow you to not only understand the latest news in technology but also to shift the Overton window on the subject in a way that matters.

Ryan’s focus on internet freedom means that he’s perfectly positioned to cover some of the most important issues in technology that are emerging today.

Looking for more info on pitching Ryan? Watch his entire Coffee with a Journalist interview about his best tactics for standing out in his inbox.


Mark Stenberg, Adweek

What He Tweets About:

Mark covers the media beat for Adweek and tweets about the latest developments in our rapidly changing media landscape. For example, he recently talked about how publishers integrate a hybrid work environment that incorporates both virtual and physical portfolios. 

Mark also covers the advancements of other media companies. For example, he recently tweeted out a piece about how the media site Morning Brew has experienced remarkable growth in both reach and ad revenue. 

In addition to his reporting at Adweek, Mark also tweets out his independent reporting, which he publishes on his Substack account.


Why We Follow Him:

We follow Mark because his work as a senior reporter for Adweek is hard to match. His stories offer unique insights into media giants like Vox and The Atlantic, as well as big-picture trends in the media ecosystem.

Mark also gives unique perspectives on topics important for people interested in AdTech, such as next-generation content marketing business models being embraced by many new startups.


Patrick Coffee, The Wall Street Journal

What He Tweets About:

Patrick is a reporter for Wall Street Journal who covers marketing and advertising technologies. Patrick isn’t afraid to report on the stances that different tech companies have taken on hot-button issues such as the recent abortion decision by the Supreme Court.

He also tweets about the relationships that different tech companies maintain with regulatory authorities. That includes, for example, Google’s decision to restructure various departments due to a recent antitrust probe.


Why We Follow Him:

Considering that Patrick is the reporter for Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today, it’s easy to see why he is such a great follow for anyone passionate about marketing technology.

Patrick has a robust background as a reporter and has worked for AdWeek and Business Insider. He is particularly good at focusing on topics like tech platforms, brand marketers, investments, and holding companies.


Jeff Beer, Fast Company

What He Tweets About:

Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company and you’ll find his Twitter feed peppered with insights into leading social media companies and developing marketing technologies.

Jeff also tweets stories that cover the business strategies and public statements of the biggest tech companies in the world. He’s also a great source to learn about recent changes in management in influential advertising companies.


Why We Follow Him:

We follow Jeff because he covers some of the most important developments in the AdTech domain in a relatable and entertaining way.

Jeff also covers the moves of top marketing companies. For example, he recently covered the move by Accenture Interactive to buy Droga5. He also does a good job of highlighting the origin stories of big-name tech companies like Lyft.




To wrap up, it’s clear that the AdTech sphere moves and changes incredibly quickly, much like enterprise technology and artificial intelligence. Accordingly, following some of the leading technology journalists is perhaps the best way to stay afoot of some of the most important trends in these industries.

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