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5 Funding Journalist To Follow On Twitter

5 Funding Journalists to Follow on Twitter

Behind every great company was the funding to get them to that next level. From tech unicorns to the latest garage startup, it’s important to stay up to date on what the market is backing. Have a funding announcement of your own? Read the Pitch Template: Funding Announcement blog to make the most of your big news and download a copy of the cheat sheet below! For now, here’s our list of 5 funding journalists to follow on Twitter:

Christine Hall, Crunchbase News

What she tweets about: 

Venture Captial, Funding, and Startups

Why we follow:
Christine Hall is a reporter for Crunchbase News based out of Houston, Texas. Christine’s funding reporting covers all types of tech startups from finance to medicine. She is constantly updating her feed with funding news in short, bite-sized bits perfect to stay updated on the go.

Lucas Matney, TechCrunch

What he tweets about: 

Emerging Tech, Funding, and Startups

Why we follow:
Lucas is a San Francisco-based tech reporter for TechCrunch. In addition to his feed consisting of awesome retweeted funding articles, Lucas gives his followers his takes on the latest funding round or industry news. This mix of updates and hot takes makes Lucas a great person to follow for funding news with a dash of personality. 

Megan Hernbroth, Business Insider

What she tweets about: 

Funding, Startups, and Venture Capital

Why we follow:
Megan Hernbroth is a reporter for Business Insider based out of San Francisco. As a reporter, she follows who is being funded and the companies supplying that funding. Megan uses Twitter to both inform her followers through quick ICYMI tweets as well as engage her audience with her takes on the latest news. Lastly, she also posts the occasional picture of her dog and who doesn’t love that!

Alejandro Cremades, Forbes

What he tweets about: 

Startups, Funding, and Entrepreneurship

Why we follow:
Alejandro is a New York-based Forbes contributor as well as the co-founder of Panthera Advisors and host of the DealMakers Podcast. His feed is great for those who want a 360 degree perspective on funding, from learning the fundamentals to industry and funding news. Whether you are new to the funding world or a seasoned follower, Alejandro’s feed will have something new for you to learn.

Gillian Tan, Bloomberg

What she tweets about: 

Real estate, Funding, and News

Why we follow: 

Gillian Tan is a Senior Reporter based out of New York City for Bloomberg covering real estate, finance, and infrastructure. Her Twitter feed not only covers businesses and the money raised to back them but also national and international news impacting the economy. Her funding coverage extends into various sectors from health tech to fashion. She’s a great journalist to follow for those who want to stay informed on business news as well as current events. 


While you are following our picks for 5 funding journalists to follow on Twitter, be sure to follow OnePitch on Twitter, and don’t forget to download our Funding Announcement Cheat Sheet!

Mathew Cruz

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