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5 Famous Journalism Quotes

5 Famous Journalism Quotes

2020 has been pretty nuts so far, huh? It’s pretty crazy how the first few months of the roaring twenties’ have certainly had us all white-knuckling. 

With a very frightening global pandemic spreading rapidly, and one of the most important elections in American history on everyone’s mind, we wanted to share some quotes by five inspiring journalists.

Now, more than ever, the art of good journalism is vital in spreading clear and accurate information during this pandemic known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As stated in our misinformation blog, it has never been more paramount to understand the problems in today’s noise-filled landscape and how we as consumers of media can work to be critical and not perpetuate falsehoods.

With people glued to their devices, seeking the facts and information to help keep them safe, journalists are the threads that keep us all connected to what’s happening.

We know it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: your job is… tough. And that’s putting it mildly. It gives us anxiety just thinking about the pressure you’re under to spread truth with the endless chaos going on in the world right now… and all while under insanely strict deadlines. 

Your job is (somehow) even more challenging in the current social and political climate with people’s emotions on high, and their faith in truth waning.

And even then, while you all might be feeling understandably jaded, you persevere and continue to do your jobs.

That said, taking a moment to reflect on some inspirational insights from your fellow brothers and sisters in journalism might, we hope, be a nice change of pace.

So, as you take a well-deserved break from the more than numerous articles you have to write today (and probably well into tonight), we hope you enjoy these…

Today’s list of quotes comes from journalists across the spectrum, and from across the globe. Professionals who have left massive imprints on the world, and the field of journalism, with their work.

These quotes are in no particular order of importance, as each and every journalist we’ve highlighted below share equally great insights into the world and responsibilities that come with a career in Journalism.

So, let’s get started on a nice big dose of inspiration!

Philip L. Graham

Philip Graham Quote

Born in 1915 in Terry, South Dakota, Phil Graham was the traditional American newspaperman with a passion for the truth and the drive to make his mark in journalism. 

Graham’s career took him down many different roads, including acting as the editor of Harvard University Law School’s: Law Review, as well as joining the Army Air Corps in 1942. Philip Graham then became editor, and eventual co-owner, of a titan in printed news media: The Washington Post. He also co-owned the newspaper’s parent company: The Washington Post Company

In this incredible yet short quote, Graham manages to recognize and remind us all of just how vital the task of Journalism is. He acknowledges that, just as art helped record history, so do the diligently written drafts of good journalism.

Kate Adie

Katie Adie Quote

From across the pond, Kate Adie served as the renowned Chief News Correspondent at BBC News Network for more than a decade (from 1989 to 2003, to be precise). Kate never shied from the gravity of her responsibilities as a journalist, having reported from many active war zones across the globe to spread awareness and information to those seeking answers.

Kate’s passion fills the room with this quote to the point you can practically see her excitement breakthrough every word. Her love for what she does, and her belief in always seeking truth and justice, are powerful and inspiring. She truly embodies all that is wonderful about journalism.

Henry Anatole Grunwald

Henry Grunwald Quote

Henry Grunwald was born in Vienna, Austria, in December 1922, moved to the USA and was raised here in the states. He later became a talented American journalist, as well as a Diplomat. Quite the professional pedigree, for sure! 

His most well-known professional reputation was during his time serving as the Managing Editor of TIME Magazine, as well as the Editor in Chief of Time, Inc.– itself.

A brilliant and well-rounded man, Grunwald was given the Austrian Cross of Honour award for Science and Art, 1st Class back in 2001.

In Henry’s quote, he clearly articulates the solemn responsibilities that come with reporting information to the public. From moments of grand celebration to times of despair and tragedy, journalism is the preserver of crucial moments in history, even when the world may otherwise wish to turn away from them.

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite Quote

Perhaps one of THE most famous and influential broadcast journalists ever, Walter Leland Cronkite was CBS Evening News’ anchorman for nineteen years. 

During the perilous political and social climate of the sixties and seventies, Walter Cronkite is considered, and referred to, as the most trusted man in America. He earned this title based on an opinion poll.

Mr. Cronkite perfectly encapsulates the problems with the conveniences of visual media, demonstrating how challenging it can be to deliver the important nuances of information in the fast-paced world of television news broadcasting.

Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins Quote

Mary Tyler Molly Ivins was born in California in 1944 and raised in Texas. Molly was a well-received political commentator, newspaper columnist, author, and humorist. She brought her flair for said humor into her writing, giving stories a touch of sarcasm and wit that entertained her readers.

Despite the undertone of dark humor that helps off-set the urgency of journalism to never miss out on the next big scoop, Molly’s quote perfectly describes the importance of vigilant journalists-as well as the anxiety that comes with the job.

Bonus Quote:

Okay, so there isn’t actually a bonus quote… but there’s a reason for that.

It’s because we’re waiting for YOU to share it with us.

As we intend to share more awesome journalism quotes in the future, we wanted the chance to highlight some of our talented readers!

If you have a quote about your views on journalism that YOU wrote, send it to us or comment below! We’d love to feature our favorite in the next 5 Famous Quotes From Journalists article, and show some love to the modern-day men and women of journalism who work so hard to bring us the best information possible!


As you can see, the passion each of these writers had for the craft of Journalism is more than inspiring. It indeed reminds us of all of the grave importance it is for journalists to be free to do as they must do.

Regardless of what niche on the journalism spectrum your work falls in, from technology to fashion, the information you report on means something to everyone, and sometimes your work is not appreciated as much as it should be.

The fact that you have chosen a career exposing important truths that many might otherwise want to remain undiscovered, and put yourself at risk to ensure a free and informed landscape across the globe, is greatly appreciated by the OnePitch team.

We know that your job is extremely time-consuming work, and finding stories that are worth writing can be tough. 

But OnePitch is here to help with that! Born from the masterminds of the Public Relations and Journalism fields, they’ve created a platform to bring journalists to the stories that their readers want to read about.

Minus the footwork.


If you’re not currently a member of the OnePitch community of journalists, then be sure to reach out to find out just how easy it is to catch the latest stories that your audience will want to read about!

Make sure to check out our post here on 5 Journalists to Follow on Twitter for more exciting dialogue from journalists like you.

Finally, please don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated on posts developed to provide resources and topics to help make your lives as journalists much easier!

Mikenzi has been a writer since she was 10 years old. She is currenlty a freelance copywriter, mom, wife, and full-time business owner. Her goal: to help your brand bond with consumers using humor, personality, and authenticity.

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