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4 Reasons Why PR Professionals Should Use TikTok

4 Reasons Why PR Pros Should Use TikTok

There’s no use denying it any longer. TikTok is not a passing fad. It’s here to stay, and the platform is growing at an exponential rate. With one billion monthly active users worldwide, this short-form video app has become a powerful tool for PR and marketing professionals. 


What TikTok Offers PR Professionals 

The short maximum 60-second videos on TikTok offer its audience instant gratification like other social media platforms. However, since the videos are in short-form, the audios are catchy, and the content is bursting with creativity, many users can scroll for hours on the platform without even realizing it. As a platform, TikTok offers PR professionals access to its hooked and highly engaged audience. 

PR professionals understand better than most the importance of staying on top of the latest trends. So many trends start on this platform including the likes of charcuterie boards, Dalgona coffee, and the “This or That” game. Even fashion and politics couldn’t escape the influence of this TikTok. 

PR professionals searching for a tool to engage with Gen Z should look no further than this app. With over 37 million Gen Z users in the US alone, TikTok is a great place to gain an audience with this young audience. Though it is still largely dominated by Gen Z users, more millennials and older users are joining this platform. 


The Impact of TikTok On Public Relations 

Many creators use TikTok to promote themselves, their brand, and their upcoming projects. These self-promotion videos from a publicity perspective are pure genius. These campaigns are extremely effective in generating buzz around a product, service, or upcoming release. 

For example, some of the most successful campaigns on TikTok are from Chipotle’s PR team. One of their most recent campaigns asks customers to dance for free guacamole. 

TikTok is changing the way public relations can be carried out on social media. As a PR professional, being active on TikTok will help you observe trends and public opinion from younger audiences. The platform even has the power to generate tremendous publicity for your client. 


How PR Pros Can Use TikTok To Generate Publicity 

The wonderful thing about TikTok is that it rewards creators and companies generously. There’s a good chance that your campaign will go viral. As a PR practitioner, there are several tried and true ways to use this app in favor of your client’s image.

1. Engage With Your Target Audience 

TikTok enjoys the highest engagement rates among all social media platforms. Therefore, if you engage with your audience on this platform, they’ll likely engage back. One strategy that brands often use is to comment on trending videos. These comments shouldn’t be long or self-promoting. Instead, the intention is to let your target audience know of your presence on the app. 

2. Partner With Influencers 

This is one of the most common ways to reach a large audience instantly. By partnering with an influencer, you’re tapping into their massive following. Since influencers are trusted by their followers, their opinions and recommendations hold a lot of sway. Moreover, influencers know the kind of content their audience best responds to so brands don’t have to worry about creating the content themselves. As a PR pro, you can collaborate with influencers to promote a campaign or product.

An example of a brand that often partners with influencers to promote upcoming releases is Amazon Prime. In one campaign, Prime asked influencers to stitch their own content to a scene from an upcoming film. 

3. Branded Hashtags 

Hashtags play a huge role on TikTok. They increase visibility in the For You feed and allow users to discover your campaign. Brands can sponsor a hashtag challenge on TikTok to attract a larger audience. 

4. Paid Video Ads 

Similarly, as a PR pro, you can look into paid video ads to ensure you reach your target audience. These pop-up ads or brand takeovers promises millions of views and attention from users.  



With its massive worldwide reach and its knack for hosting plenty of successful brand campaigns, PR pros should be taking advantage of TikTok. Not only does it allow you to stay ahead of trends among younger audiences, it can also help you generate a lot excitement around your client’s product, service, or upcoming project. This app is rewriting the future of public relations on social media, and as a PR pro, you need to be on TikTok to witness it.

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