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4 Effective Link Building Strategies in 2021

4 Effective Link Building Strategies In 2021

Link building is a powerful tactic that can help new businesses build their brand and increase their customer base. It is so effective that even a space entrepreneur can grow their business by building links. It is time to look at 4 of the best link building strategies which can help new businesses stand out and surpass their competitors.

1. Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is a strategy where companies reestablish backlinks you previously had, or you convince businesses to change broken or old links with your business’ link. Link reclamation can often deliver a lot of quick wins, and that is why it is such a popular backlink building strategy.

It is common for businesses to lose links, typically due to:

  • The website editor removed them
  • The linking page has been deleted
  • A page that is linked to is not on Google

Reclamation is one of the greatest link building techniques because backlinks you already won are easier to reinstate than building new ones. Link reclamation can help businesses increase their direct traffic while also increasing organic traffic thanks to the positive effect links have on Google’s rankings. If you are a brand new business and you don’t have any backlinks, don’t worry. This backlink building strategy can still work. We will look at a specific reclamation strategy perfect for a business with zero backlinks.

Currently, there are two popular reclamation strategies: brand mentions and broken links. Whenever a site mentions your company by name but does not link to your page or products, there is an opportunity to practice reclamation and insert your links. Tracking down these opportunities is simple, thanks to numerous link building tools that can even help find the contact details of website owners and editors. Brand mentions are 100% worth going after, as a small increase in brand mention links can cause a sharp spike in your online traffic and build your authority.

The other strategy, broken links, is made of two tactics. You can reach out to sites that previously linked to your company and ask them to reinstate the deleted backlinks. This can also help you improve your content as you will receive feedback on why they removed the backlinks. There is automated link building software that will highlight all of your broken backlinks.

The other aspect of link building involves tracking down backlinks to companies similar to yours that are no longer working and then asking a website to switch the link with one to your page. For example, say you run a local Chinese restaurant specializing in congee, and you find a website that links to a nearby restaurant and praises their congee, but you know they are closed. You could contact the website editor, inform them the restaurant is no longer operational and ask them to instead link to your site.

Link building experts will often recommend this strategy to new businesses that do currently have backlinks but have superior content and products to the companies that were previously being linked to.


2. Writing Guest Blogs

Did you know that companies that publish weekly blogs receive 60% more traffic than companies who blog monthly or less? Even in 2021, blogging remains the most popular form of content marketing and building authority. Blogging isn’t just great for winning organic traffic. It can also be an effective link building tool through the use of strategic guest posts. Link building services through guest blogging are particularly adept at building thousands of links in a short time. Guest blogging is where you write a blog and publish it on another site while including a link to your website. According to Databox research, 80% of respondents say guest posting is the best way to build links, for free.

Free Link Building TechniquesHere are some tips which will ensure you a big success:

  • Only post on a site connected to your industry
  • Make your post informative and interesting – avoid spam
  • Published on sites with high Google rankings
  • Don’t go overboard with your hyperlinks – place them naturally
  • Craft your content to the site’s audience, gradually building up the authority

Guest blogging is a link building technique you have to try out! Either pitch websites your guest blogging services directly or go through a 3rd party and use a link building company to handle the whole process.

Guest blogs can help new businesses:

  • Boost targeted traffic
  • Rise in Google’s rankings by building authority through backlinks
  • Generate social proof and piggyback on the reputation of the site you publish on


3. Consistently Posting on Social Media

Any professional SEO link building service will tell you just how critical it is to be frequently posting on social media. Posting on social media will put you on the fast track to building a high number of quality links. At any point in the day, you can access millions of different people on social media. These platforms are the perfect one-stop solution for new businesses in the process of building their brand, communicating with buyers, and increasing the revenue.

No matter if you are a new or established business, you need to be frequently posting on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, building your brand. Social media is great for targeting your audience and increasing your brand visibility quickly. In every post you make on social media, don’t be shy about linking to your products and site.


4. Earning Links by Including Infographics

Most people aren’t aware, but social media posts that include diagrams, charts, and infographics generate almost 40% more backlinks than posts without these features. Infographics perform so well because they keep potential buyers intrigued with sleek designs and just enough stats to have them wanting more.

HubSpot has just released a report that revealed infographics benefit from 3 times higher engagement than any other form of content posted to social media. Posting infographics to social media allows new businesses to create highly shareable content that can easily go viral, resulting in building thousands of new backlinks.



If you want to drive traffic to your blog and build up the authority of your website, you should implement link building tactics. If you are building the links organically, it will improve your Google rankings significantly. For building backlinks properly, try link reclamation, guest blogging, mimicking your competition, and social media strategy.

Have you ever tried building backlinks? Did it help to boost your traffic and improve Google rankings? Please share in the comments your experience with building links.

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