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12 Underrated Tools for Every Part of Your PR Strategy

12 Underrated Tools For Every Part Fo Your PR Strategy

Today’s competitive world of public relations is fast-paced, runs on data, and requires nothing short of excellent content. To fuel these needs most PR management uses a ton of tools and platforms. 

Just being good isn’t good enough. These tools help the team or individual keep up with the competition, provide the best service to the clients and keep up with the changing times. 

Here is a list of the best PR tools that every professional should remain aware of. They are designed to make your work faster and more efficient.   

Data and Analytics

Data and analytical tools are those used to gather and present data in a usable format.  

01. Google Analytics

Google Analytics








When we imagine digital data analytics, the best tool out there is Google Analytics. This free and simple tool helps you gather SEO and marketing-related data. With easy access to filters and keywords; PR management can obtain all the information they need about a domain, brand, or individual. 

It’s a goldmine of data about the audience and user behavior. This helps to create the right content, make business decisions and gain a macro-level break on the age, interests, locations, and usage of end-users. 

02. Juice Analytics

Juice Analytics









JuiceBox is a tool by Juice Analytics. It is one of the most widely used data visualization tools. It helps you present your gathered or in-house data in appealing formats. They have an easy-to-use dashboard that requires no prior knowledge of coding or design. 

The platform works on pre-made templates and presets. The software understands your data and automatically creates many visual options to pick. A premium-looking design is not earlier and faster with JuiceBox.


Social Media Tools

Social media plays a massive role for PR professionals. They help you schedule, monitor, and track metrics across social media platforms. They are highly recommended to remain consistent and grow. 

03. Hootsuite










When we discuss PR Tools for social media, Hootsuite is one of the most popular alternatives. They have many years of industry experience to back their platform and provide a glitch-free dashboard for all things SM. 

Hootsuite lets you publish, track engagements, monitor posts, run SM ads, and receive some of the most robust data on user behavior and online trends. Additionally, this award-winning tool works across platforms. 

After a 30-day trial, the platform starts at just $14 a month.


Media Monitoring

While on the topic of media listening, these Media Monitoring tools help PR professionals significantly. They help you understand and build brand awareness and keep an eye on the industry. These are must-have PR tools for all. 

04. Mention










Another popular media listening tool, Mention helps you monitor over one billion sources of daily news, articles, and reviews. They also help create usable data from this barrage of information. 

Using this knowledge, PR professionals can further create social media posts and engage with the end-users.  The free version is ideal for most users. Companies can invest in the premium plan starting at $200 a year. 



Search Engine Optimization is the process of using keywords, and website audits to enhance page performance. This process helps the page rank higher on search results and increase the reach and website traffic. 

05. SE Ranking

SE Ranking








SE Ranking is known for its accurate and highly reliable keyword tracking tool. They help you gain real-time positions for your website and also break this search down by regions and cities. The data from this tool is extremely helpful to all PR management tasks.  

SE Ranking has a free trial, post which you can use the tool for as low as $31 a month.


Tools To Reach Journalists

As a professional, one of the best PR tools that everyone must have is those that connect you to a network. The job of a PR team is impossible without building a strong network. 

06. OnePitch








While having the right story is one part of the battle for PR professionals, the more important aspect is meeting the right journalist to make these stories a reality. This situation is where OnePitch works like a charm. 

They are a robust tool for tech communicators, storytelling, and creators of all kinds. They provide you with a repository of journalists with the right tools to find a connection. It’s like a match-making tool; but between PR management and journalism. 

07. HARO







Most PR professionals are familiar with this platform. Journalists, bloggers, and the like submit queries through the service and they deliver up to 3 updates per day with submissions to respond to. While there are LOTS of “journalists” listed on the service, there is also ample opportunity to easily secure placements and backlinks. Just beware there are equally as many sources responding.


Testimonials and Reviews

Building a brand presence is a lot about getting the good word out there. One of the best Public Relations tools for this is testimonials and reviews 

08. Testimonial Hero

Testimonial Hero








A one-stop destination for all things testimonials. Their recent addition of “remote-testimonials” helps brands create strong video interviews with the least effort. 

They manage all steps like concepts, strategies, creating the videos, editing, and publishing across domains. For a small price, these videos can provide a massive boost to any business easily. 

The pricing for such a tool depends on the volume of outcome you desire.


Presentations And Design 

You do not need a designer on your payroll to make attractive artwork, the internet provides significant tools. 

09. Visme







Looking to make more than just a poster or design for social media? This is one of the tools at your disposal. 

They provide you a wholesome branding for your company and create exception designs. The easy-to-use platforms make anyone with elementary skills into a designer. 

They also help you make charts, graphs, and presentations; which are ideal for PR management. The standard membership unlocks more features for just $15 a month.



Quality content is one of the most critical Public Relations tools; understanding what content to make is a constant uphill battle. These tools should make life easier: 

10. Buzzsumo







Buzzsumo is a one-of-its-kind tool that has mastered its purpose. It’s used by creators around the world to discover trending content and keep a tab on social media demands. They back their suggestion with research and statistics that help a PR company make an informed choice about the topics.  

The best use of the tool comes from its Pro version. After a 30-day trial, the tool starts at $99 a month. 


Market Research

Research on market trends is an extremely daunting task, and PR Tools such as these can help generate authentic and bankable data. 

11. SparkToro









SparkToro is one such market research tool that claims to portray the sentiments and consumption patterns of the end-users. Their platform can help a brand discover the reading, watching, and listening habits of an audience. 

The premium version of the tool starts at $38 a month and comes with multiple high-level researching features.


Writing and Editing

Written connect is almost synonymous with the work of PR management. These web tools will make this process fast and effortless:  

12. Subject Line

Subject Line








Lastly, this simple and straightforward tool aims to better your email subject lines. They run your subject line through advanced AI software and recommend changes. Be it reaching out to journalists or sending client mails — the process can become ten-time more efficient. 

The app is free to use and comes with many resources to better understand the art subject line writing.




The many tools mentioned here are a mix of free and paid options. Pick those that best suit the needs of your agency or team. While they can make your work effective, they are no replacement for human efforts.

Steve Jobs once said, “You cannot mandate productivity, you must provide the tools to let people become their best.” And this list will help you take a step closer to better results. 

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