1000 Pitches: Most Popular Tech Topics

After identifying the most popular tech industries tech media professionals responded to, we’re now diving into the most popular tech topics. The analysis scanned over 1000 pitches from 500+ publicists to identify what topics, or “angles,” were most sought after by tech journalists on OnePitch.

Here’s a recent article published on PR Daily about cutting through the noise of the tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. One recommendation the author makes is to create stories that, “build a position that solves tech’s problems and presents a thoughtful rationale behind it.“ One of the main questions to ask yourself when pitching a topic to tech journalists is, “How will this affect the market and the end user?”

The more you think about the big picture of your client or brand’s product or service, the easier crafting pitches can seem. Luckily, we’re here to help inform you on the types of stories journalists are eager to respond to and others where you might have A LOT of competition.

Below are 5 of the most popular topics journalists are looking for and respond to on OnePitch, including statistics related to the number of submissions and response-to-pitch ratios from our 1000 Pitches eBook:

  • New Product/Service Launches

    • Takeaways: this topic received the most responses of any other topic on OnePitch and had a response-to-pitch ratio of 12%.
  • Business to Consumer

    • Takeaways: this was the second highest pitched topic, has the second highest amount of responses from journalists, and had a response-to-pitch ratio 9.9%.
  • Industry Trends

    • Takeaways: this was the third most frequently responded to topic, was the highest pitches topic with over 400+ pitch submissions, but only had a response-to-pitch ratio of 7.2%.
  • Product Roundup

    • Takeaways: this topic had the highest response rate of any other topics on OnePitch at nearly 17%. Over 330 pitches were submitted related to this topic.
  • Interview/Speaking Opportunities

    • Takeaways: this topic had the second highest response rate of any other topics on OnePitch at nearly 16%.

A large number of journalists sought after pitches with a consumer focus given the wide reach and audience appeal these stories have for readers. New Product/Service Launches was the highest and given the newsworthiness of these stories it’s no surprise. Surprisingly, these both had a strong connection between one another and the majority of pitches with responses included both of these topics. Similarly, pitches about Industry Trends and Interview/Speaking Opportunities had a close connection to Business to Business as a topic. The average number of industries selected on pitches which received responses was 4.3.

This data tells us it’s helpful to select more than a minimum of 2 topics when pitching your story (i.e. B2C or B2B + __), however, anymore than 4 and it could hurt your chances of connecting with a journalist. It’s also important to incorporate keywords into your pitch since journalists will look for this as part of your understanding of the subject matter. Our technology will also help analyze each section of your pitch and recommend the most relevant topics to choose based on keywords and phrases in your what and why bullet sections.

While these findings are valuable to anyone who is trying to pitch similar stories, remember journalists are always looking for new story angles. Think about the pitches above and consider what alternate angles are missing and how your brand can shift the narrative.

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