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1000 Pitches: Most Popular Tech Industries

1000 Pitches - Most Popular Tech Industries

Our recent pitch analysis spanning over 1000 pitches uncovers the top tech industries journalists responded to on OnePitch along with the most popular industries pitched by publicists. The eBook analyses publicist pitches across the span of 18 months to learn what pitches were responded to most and what made some of them unique.

At the beginning of the year, analysts and experts weighed in on which industries would be emerging in 2019. Here’s an article from June that recaps some of those theories from Alison DeNisco Rayome on TechRepublic. Second on this list was AI which happens to be the most popular industry journalists responded to on OnePitch. The first industry, IoT, didn’t make our list below but it was one of the most popular for receiving responses from journalists.

As we draw conclusions based on industry projections from the beginning of the year, read more about 5 of the most popular industries journalists are covering, including statistics from our eBook related to the number of pitch submissions and journalist responses:


Artificial Intelligence had the highest response-to-pitch ratio (~21%), the most subscribed to industry by journalists, and is currently the third-highest for responses from journalists.


Applications was the second most frequently pitched industry on OnePitch and had a response-to-pitch ratio of 10%.

Big Data

The industry with the second-highest response-to-pitch ratio at 14% was Big Data. It ranked 7th overall for number of connections with journalists.


eCommerce was pitched nearly 150 times on OnePitch and it ranked in the top 10 for most responses from journalists.


Close to 120 Pitches containing Mobile as an industry were submitted which had an overall response-to-pitch ratio of 9.3%.

There are numerous other correlations we identified after reviewing all 50+ industries featured on OnePitch. Not only did we find industries such as AI and Big Data to have strong connections (e.g. a large number of pitches included both industries) but also drew similar conclusions with Apps and Mobile. We also found the average number of industries selected on pitches which received responses was 3.69.

This data tells us it’s helpful to select more than one industry when pitching your story, however, any more than 4 and it could hurt your chances of connecting with a journalist. It’s also important to incorporate keywords into your pitch along with identifying how the industry ties into the brand you’re pitching. When pitching on OnePitch, our technology will help recommend the most relevant industries to choose for your pitch based on keywords and phrases listed your what and why bullet section.

When it comes to pitching tech media professionals, there is no cookie-cutter approach to making your pitch stand out however you can implement the right tactics to ensure a better chance of receiving a response. Our next post highlighting 1000 Pitches dives into the most popular tech topics and uncovers key tactics for crafting more concise story angles.


If the most popular tech industries from our 1000+ pitch analysis inspired your next PR outreach, be sure to check out our blog Public Relations 101: How To Land Coverage in Top-Tier Publications to ensure that your next pitch lands! Also, check out our blog The Type Bar for more tips, templates, and talks with top-tier PR Pros to help you further your PR skills and refine your outreach efforts.

Jered Martin

Jered is the co-founder, COO and support manager at OnePitch. He handles operations for OnePitch; along with strategy, support, business development and hiring. He studied Communications with an emphasis in marketing at Cal State University Long Beach. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, eating cheap street food, cooking, and exploring the outdoors.

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