Business to Business
Also known as “B2B.”
Business to Consumer
Also referred to as “B2C.”
Relating to C-level executives in charge of departments and making company decisions. Think CEO, COO, CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, CMO, and CHRO.
Commentary for Breaking News & Current Events
Thought sharing, opinions, or feedback on breaking news and current events. Note: we said “current.” Don’t reference something from seven months ago.
Company Culture
Personality, trends, and characteristics of a company including C-Level executive leadership, employee management, founder philosophy, distinct or unusual practices/perks/structures.
Contract & Partnership Announcements
Formal news regarding company agreements and arrangements, both new and updated.
Related to publicly traded companies or those otherwise making earnings public.
Topics related strictly to being a founder, a serial entrepreneur, unusual or outstanding entrepreneur stories/setbacks/beating the odds, advice for entrepreneurs, etc.
Topics related to global warming, natural resources, federal and state regulations, climate change and solutions, etc.
Make sure your story time sensitive. Select date (or date range). Select Time (optional). Select Time Zone.
Executive Compensation
Compensation trends, studies, findings, or news about executive pay, stock options, etc.
Funding & Exits (Private or Public)
Financial offerings for both public (gov’t, banks) and private sectors (VC, Crowdfunding). Including seed, startup, growth rounds, second-rounds, and expansions, and exits (IPO).
Gift Guide
Related to products that may be considered for gift guides for holidays. Think: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Christmas, Valentines, etc.
Relating to the physical components, or parts. of a device. Think keyboards, hard drives, or your external monitor.
Industry Trends
Common patterns, data, statistics, insights, references, and considerations related to a specific industry.
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
For startups or established brands that are offering an ICO or ICO related topics such as trends, legality, crashes, etc.
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
For companies about to IPO or related to IPO topics such as trends of startups going public.
Interview Opportunity
For sources and experts that are available to speak in person (on stage, in live broadcast, or live event) or via phone. Note: this is NOT for commentary on trends or breaking news.
Mergers & Acquisitions
For companies of all sizes that are or suspected to be buying, merging, or taking over companies.
Minority Topics
Topics related to minority sexual identification populations such as LGBT or racial identification populations such as Hispanic Americans. Please see “Women’s Topics” for women related topics.
New Company Launches
New company? Check the box here!
New Hirings & Departures
Company news related to new hiring, firings, replacements, negotiations, and C-level employee entrances and exits from companies.
New Location Opening/Expansion
New location opening, or Is the company expanding to a new territory? Check the box here!
New Product/Service Launches
New products and services the world has never seen.
Podcast Guest Appearance
For sources and experts that are available to be guests on a podcast episode. Note: this is NOT for commentary on trends or breaking news.
Private Equity (PE)
Related to topics concerning PE deals, funding rounds, mergers, hires, etc.
Product Review
Related to products that may be considered for an upcoming review. This includes "Best of's," "Top __," and product sampling.
Product Roundup
Related to products that may be considered for an upcoming product list or review. Think: "Top 10 Best __."
Product Safety
Policies and rules designed to protect users from harm of products.
Product/Service Update
Includes notable improvements to an existing product or service here. Note: we said “notable.”
Professional Development
Related to courses, classes, coaching, trainings, and trends for corporate and employee professional development.
Publicly Traded
Related to companies currently listed on public markets.
Compliance with the big ‘ol DOL (Department of Labor) guidelines relating to employers, employees, and the workplace.
Research & Development
The development and innovation of new, or existing, products and services.
Seed Stage Companies
Startups that have raised only a seed round.
Series A and Above Startups
Startups with at least Series A funding.
Small Business
Companies not venture-backed, “mom and pop,” and/or less than 100 employees.
Social Good & Responsibility
Topics related to giving back, one for one models, charity or volunteer work.
Related to applications, operating systems, utilities, and programs designed to perform a specific task on a device.
Relating to a company in the initial stages of business operations that have developed a product or service.
Studies & Surveys
Academic studies, third party findings, industry insights or survey results.
Thought Leadership
For executives or thought leaders that can be used as sources for commentary on trends. Note: not for newbie founders who have ZERO reputation in their new industry.
Women's Topics
Issues, companies, and trends related to women such as maternity leave, equal pay, #metoo, etc.
Workplace Productivity
The systems and processes used to keep employees working efficiently.